Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #60 – 2 More Years of Glee Chat

Hosted by John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman and Natalie Fisher

April 29, 2013

Glee Chat is back this week with John, Natalie and Jessica as they rehash Glee episodes 4×19 and 4×20 “Sweet Dreams” and “Lights Out!” Plus some of the bigger news in recent Glee memory!

Here’s what you’ll get in episode 60 of Glee Chat, “2 More Years of Glee Chat”

– Natalie and Jess return!
– Glee is back for 2 more seasons!
– …Which means Glee Chat is back for 2 more years!
– Does this renewal mean season 6 could be the end of the road for Glee?
– We talk about other shows that have been renewed for multiple seasons
– We talk a lot about Lost and how awesome it is; John and Jess talk Natalie in to watching
– We talk briefly about Cory Monteith checking out of rehab and wish him well
– John and Natalie are going to try to meet up for the Darren Criss concert in NYC
We want you to help us spread this story about a paralyzed Naya Rivera fan who wants to go to prom with her!
– We rehash 4×19 “Sweet Dreams”
– College isn’t really like what Finn and Puck are seeing
– Also, University of Lima? Yeah right.
– Surprise: we all hate Will in this episode (how dare he yell at Marley)
– You know that original song “You Have More Friends Than You Know” …not so original we find out while recording
– We rehash 4×20 “Lights Out”
– We’re all personally disappointed with the way Glee handled Will’s reaction to Ryder’s confession
– One of us admits to pausing and rewinding Blaine’s aerobics scene
– We make a big announcement!!

BONUS: Jess is recording from the moon!

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