Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #61 – Just The Guys

Hosted by John Thrasher and Mitchel Clow

May 9, 2013

The guys of Glee Chat hold it down as they rehash last week’s latest episode of Glee, “Wonder-ful!”

In this shorter than usual, but just as awesome episode of Glee Chat, John and Mitch get together (not in person this time) to rehash Glee 4×21 “Wonder-ful.” Here’s what’s coming in this episode:

– We make the official announcement that Glee Warbler Curt Mega will join us on episode 62, a live Google Hangout!
– The music at the end of the season is kind of boring to us
– There’s a very noticeable lack of Finn
– Are we going to see more Katey Sagal?
– We discuss our emotions about Artie heading to New York City. Can he thrive in NYC?
– We’re obsessed with how Burt handled Blaine’s proposal idea
– Is Glee setting Jake up to be the male lead in season 5?
– We compare and relate Degrassi and One Tree Hill to Glee…again!
– The guys react to Cassie’s story arc wrapping up and how it made us feel
– The Mercedes story line was a bit awkward..and where was Sam?!
– Check out Curt Mega’s Buffering Series on YouTube ahead of episode 62!

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