4:00 pm EDT, March 23, 2015

‘Outlander’ superfans sound off

Outlander, currently being produced by Sony and Starz, has always had one thing that many other series lack — a strong fan base on their side.

Outlander fans, whether they are relative newbies or if they have been following the series for two decades, have one thing in common: a passionate love for the saga of Jamie and Claire.

The series attracts men and women alike, it’s fairly hard to define. It’s part historical fiction, part romance, part paranormal, and probably part several other things as well. In the end, what it means is that it is a well crafted tale that doesn’t cubby-hole itself in to a box. Just recently author Diana Gabaldon weighed in on Twitter with her take on her undefinable series, “I don’t write romances — though Outlander has the basic structure, none of the other books do.” She then continued at a later date, “A romance novel is a courtship story, period. Outlander books are story of a marriage.”

What do the die-hard fans of this series think about the Starz adaptations that returns on April 4? Starz has taken great pains to include fans in events from day one, and the behind-the-scenes staff regularly engage fans on Twitter. We’ve seen fans passionately react to news of licensed merchandise, and upcoming teasers.

In a two-part series we have decided to ask fans who have taken their passion to the next level, and have a noticeable web presence related to the series, what has the series gotten right so far, and what are they anticipating when season 1, part 2 comes back in just under two weeks. So here is part one of our superfans sounding off.

Roxy From The Ridge

Roxy has one of the most popular Twitter accounts @RoxfromtheRidge. Believe me when I tell you there are plenty of those, but hers stands out as one that consistently makes me laugh. Her current twitter name is a reference to several books in the future. Her previous moniker was @OutlandishMemes. Below is one of my favorites of her work.

When asked how she got her start, Roxy stated, “I just stumbled on it [Outlander] one day surfing around iTunes as I do. The image of Claire reaching out to someone appealed to me so I watched the trailer and downloaded the first episode. I loved it immediately.” She then dipped her toe in the meme waters, not knowing how fans would react. “After the first couple of episodes I started as a bit of a joke, and one got retweeted by Diana Gabaldon. It was such a buzz I was hooked from then on. I searched for every meme on Outlander I could find and started doing them regularly.”

All joking aside, Roxy loves what the series is doing. She rates it an eight on a scale of one to 10. She says, “I read the books as a uni student about 20 years ago, so I was very pleased with the adaptation. I loved the casting. I thought it was spot on.” She cites as one of her favorite scenes, “The urchin with his ear nailed to the post. Jamie and Claire working together to free him. Loved the humour and cheekiness.”

As for any changes she’d make as the armchair director, “That’s tough, they’ve all done such a marvelous job. I can’t think of anything, other than a shorter mid-season hiatus, hahaha.”

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