3:00 pm EST, January 13, 2016

Is (spoiler) returning to ‘Once Upon a Time’ for episode 100?

The Internet is forever, folks! A deleted photo from the Once Upon a Time music team may have revealed a surprise return for the 100th episode!

Hades, the Underworld, long gone fathers, mothers, and brothers. All the stops are being pulled out for Once Upon a Time‘s 100th episode this spring. But whether or not that includes the return of one of the series’ most beloved characters is still a major question mark. Or is it?

ABC has not been shy when it comes to releasing the names of returning cast members from the show’s extensive past. But one name never crossed their lips — Michael Raymond James. The network and creators may be tightlipped, but the creative team is not. Mark Isham posted a potentially spoiler-ridden page from his music spotting notes.

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Isham quickly deleted the post, however that does not stop the photo from existing forever in screenshots. Shown above, the note mentions that “Neal’s Warning” will appear at the top of the episode during the teaser. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, Once Upon a Time is a wacky show. Maybe baby Neal cries in some sort of interesting pattern in Storybrooke that somehow crosses realms to communicate with Mary Margaret in the Underworld.

Now, let’s get ahead of ourselves. Michael Raymond James may actually appear when the series returns. Maybe not in person, maybe not even in flashbacks using previous footage. The creatives could simply have the actor’s voice on file and with some expert editing mash it together to send some warning through to Emma in the Underworld. After all, we know very little about how to Underworld works.


We are not completely in the dark when it comes to some of the details about what the Underworld holds for our heroes. We know that the people there all have some sort of unfinished business. We also know that the landscape of Storybrooke is going to provide a familiar yet chillingly different setting for the heroes to traverse. Cora, as it stands, is the de facto lead tour guide of the Underworld.

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It is Hades who runs the show down below. Though Hercules and Megara are set to make their debut in the show’s second episode back, Hades will play a marginally larger role. Our best guess is that Hook’s soul is currently being held hostage by hotheaded ruler.

Circling back to the question at hand — will Neal make an appearance in the 100th episode? We are certainly leaning closer to a yes than a maybe at this moment in time!

Just to add a cherry to the speculation cake, here is an photo posted by Sean Maguire around the time of the filming.


A photo posted by Sean (@iamseanmaguire) on

“Yep,” indeed. Anyone else feeling the need for a Bros of Once Upon a Time webseries?

Let us know what you think about Ingram’s post and whether or not you believe the hype!

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Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, March 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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