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Overanalyzing Hook’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ Underworld debut

A deep dive into Captain Hook's debut in hell

To put it delicately, Once Upon a Time‘s first look at Hook in the Underworld is bloody awful. Let’s break down the sneak peak of “Labor of Love.”

Hook doesn’t look so hot. Beaten, bloody, and confused, the former Dark One does not appear to be enjoying his stay in purgatory in the most recent clip from Once Upon a Time season 5, episode 13, “Labor of Love.” In the moments after he wakes up in this new nightmare, Hook must quickly adjust to his new landscape, lest he succumb to the trickery of Hades. Luckily, he has the aid of a highly anticipated new character, Megara (Kacey Rohl).

What is it about this dungeon with no bars that feels so threatening? Let’s break down our first look inside this particular level of hell.

Welcome to the Underworld: Enjoy your visit!

Once Upon a Time 5x13 arrival

No welcome baskets or freshly fluffed pillows await you in the Underworld. Just a slab of concrete and the clothes on your back will keep you in comfort in Hades’ prison. Not everyone can sleep forever, though. Hook’s new reality hits him like a ton of bricks.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 rude awakening

The instant you regret making that heroic sacrifice

Now that Hook is confirmed to be “alive” in whatever state of purgatory he finds himself in, it’s time to take in the view. His flight instinct instantly kicks in until a voice catches his attention.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 the other prisoner

Emma had her warning from a familiar face, but Hook receives his from a complete stranger. Megara’s debut is painful as we see her resigned to a life under Hades’ watchful eye, without any hope for escape. Once Upon a Time‘s Megara either owes some debt to Hades, or she is being used as bait to coerce Hercules into doing some of Hades’ bidding. Either way, her presence serves as a reminder of what a poor abandoned soul looks like.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 time to leave

Hook’s story arc, one of redemption, good will, and sacrifice, picks right back up in the Underworld as if it were mere seconds ago he said goodbye to Emma. Hell beast be damned, Hook needs to find Emma. We applaud his ambition, but he should probably hear some stories about what he is up against before helping his primary source of information break free.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 megara who are you

Megara must think he is being rash as well. Look at that face. Yes, he wants to help you, Megara!

Once Upon a Time 5x13 heroic request

In a very Aladdin, “Do you trust me,” moment, Hook breaks the invisible boundary guarding Megara and himself from the hell beast and offers her a way out of her never-ending nightmare. Glad to see that heroic instinct is still intact even after a stint as the Dark One. Not everyone faired too well after losing their connection to Nimue.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 hook saves megara

Before sending her off to safety, the most important moments of the sneak peek arrive. First, he introduces himself as Captain Killian Jones BEFORE Captain Hook. ?

Choosing to take his birth name over the name associated with murder and ruthlessness on the high seas is a huge moment in his journey from villain to hero and his personal acceptance of his role in the world.

Second, Killian tells Megara to find Emma. Deep in his heart he knows that Emma is searching for him. Trust has always been someone what of an issue for both Killian and Emma throughout their Once Upon a Time narratives. Finally, they seem to be on the same page about one thing– their love is true love and not even one’s decent into the Underworld is going to break that.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 Hook vs beast

But before Emma can reach Killian, he has another beast to face. Those red eyes do not look friendly. Is Ceberus about to make his debut?

Once Upon a Time 5x13 hook regret

The instant you regret making that SECOND heroic sacrifice

You can watch the full sneak peek below. Let us know what you think will happen when Hook faces the hell beast!

A few lingering observations:

It appears that there are multiple layers of the Underworld. The mines still exist in some form for Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, and their new friend Hercules to visit. But Hook is still apart from them off in another prison-like subsection. Hades’ personal lair, or at the least the one he occupied last week, we know exists under the library somewhere. How far down? We’re guessing it’s not a short trip. But how much of this world is constructed by Hades and how much is influenced by the people who visit it? We’re willing to bet that the Underworld in the Enchanted Forest has a few castles and forests of its own making.

Once Upon a Time 5x13 hook Once Upon a Time 5x13 hades

On this week’s Onceable, host Kristen made an interesting observation about the multi-colored streams running into Hades’ hideaway. Do they connect all the worlds? A trip down the green stream may bring Zelena back into the picture with ease.

What’s next for Hook? Megara, though armed with a message for Emma, may not beat Hades to the punch. What kind of deal does Hades have with Hercules? And what will he propose to Emma?

Be sure to catch Once Upon a Time season 5, episode 13, “Labor of Love,” Sunday, March 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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