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Episode #82 – Too Chipper in the Underworld

Hosted by Karen, Kristen, Jen, and Brittany

March 7, 2016

Karen, Kristen, Jen, and Brittany discuss the Once Upon a Time mid-season premiere and 100th episode, “Souls of the Departed.”

Once Upon a Time is back! We are excited to have all our favorite Storybrooke residents back in action as they discover more about the Underworld and try to save Hook from the horrors that have befallen him.

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Once Upon a Time season 5, episode 12, “Souls of the Departed”:

-Initial Reactions: Thumbs up/thumbs down
-Favorite Quotes
-Oh Neal. We’ve missed you.
-Storybrooke + Instagram filter= Underworld
-Our favorite cameos
-Regina’s birthday is up to her standards.
-Henry Mills, meet Henry Mills. And melt our hearts.
-Bratty Regina vs. Hero Regina reminds us how far the Queen has come
-Cora: Love her? Hate her? What was her deal?
-Rumple was basically Grumpy Cat in this episode.
-Hook. He looked rough.
-Is an Emma/Hades deal on the horizon?
-Operation Firebird: Is this a good idea?
-First impressions: They can hold off on the CGI hair on the Lord of the Underworld.
-Hades: How do you feel about our introduction to the new big bad?

Listener Feedback:

Andrea tweeted to give us her thoughts on tonight’s episode. And we agreed with all of it. Tonight’s episode was packed full of good cameos, touching moments, and a crazy new big bad. We are very excited to see Hercules in action in next week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, and hopefully watch Meg be her snarky, sassy self.

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