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Now is the best time to buy a Nintendo Switch

With so many amazing games coming soon, the best time to hop on the hype train and buy a Nintendo Switch is right now.

Nintendo is in a major upswing, with the Nintendo Switch breaking sales records left and right. It’s no wonder, with excellent first-party titles and indie treats consistently releasing for the portable home console. For the first time since the GameCube, the Nintendo Switch is even getting some great third-party options.

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If you think there will be a better time to buy a Nintendo Switch, then think again. The hype and quality doesn’t get any better than right now. Here are the top reasons to buy a Nintendo Switch before FOMO sets in.

Blockbuster upcoming games

super smash bros ultimate character art

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be a gaming experience like no other. For Melee enthusiasts, I can say from firsthand experience that it feels like the true sequel to the GameCube Smash Bros. that Brawl couldn’t live up to be. The competitive scene will likely move on from Smash 4, adapting to this superior Smash title that has literally every character in Smash history, and then some.

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! will return players to the beloved Kanto region, but this time, will bring all of the improvements from later generations, such as axing HM moves and having your lead Pokémon in your party follow you around. Then there titles coming just a bit farther down the pipeline, like Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, and Metroid Prime 4. The Final Fantasy series will be bringing over some of its best titles onto the Switch, as will Capcom. Yeah, my wallet is crying too (but in a good way, if that’s possible).

Innovative technology concepts

nintendo labo

Nintendo Labo is just as fun to build as it is to play. If you were a lover of LEGO building blocks as a kid, then Labo is the natural next step for you. The game has amazing responsiveness, and is always coming out with new mindblowing cardboard building concepts. Seriously, if you get the chance to try out a friend’s built Labo setup, you will be clamoring for more.

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The Joy-Cons themselves offer a great new feature in their HD rumble. They give you the best indications of slight in-game movements that I have ever felt, bringing your level of immersion that much higher. Games like Super Mario Party and Super Mario Odyssey do a particularly good job of showing off this impressive controller feature.


nintendo switch on the go

While Nintendo has been nailing the portable electronic game well before iPhones and Androids made mobile gaming more of a thing, the Nintendo Switch brings a new level of power to the games you can play while you’re on-the-go. It is still mindblowing to me that I can get the full power of playing Breath of the Wild when my Switch is docked next to my TV as I can when I’m literally anywhere.

There are times too when you may find yourself acting like the people do in the sometimes over-the-top Nintendo commercials. Sure, it may seem a bit funny to bring out your Switch at a regular party, but when you have the opportunity to get together with some of your gamer friends, you’ll quickly realize that this is the perfect way to set up a gaming session. Without the need to transport TVs or find/rent a place with a lot of them set up, the ability to hold a gaming party with larger groups becomes a lot more viable.

Library of amazing first party titles

breath of the wild art

There is no denying that the Nintendo Switch hit the ground running with the nearly perfect title in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game is everything we’ve ever wanted in an open-world Zelda game, and then some. Fitting right alongside it is Super Mario Odyssey, a welcome return to 3D based exploration for the Mario series.

Going out of their way to bring in fun new IPs into the mix, Nintendo published Arms shortly after the Switch launced. Arms is a game that makes for a great party activity, and shows off the gyroscopic controls of the Jon-Cons wonderfully. The aforementioned Nintendo Labo remains one of the most innovative and strange titles of our generation, and is still coming out with new build packs. Splatoon 2 improves on the already great formula of the Wii U title, as does Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The third-party games available on the Nintendo Switch are the cherry on top of a practically perfect home/portable console hybrid.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get a Nintendo Switch right now!

If you haven’t bought a Nintendo Switch by now, do yourself the favor of either saving up for it yourself, or putting it at the top of your Christmas list. I know that all of this may sound like a paid post by Nintendo, but I promise you that I write these words out of pure passion and adornment toward my favorite Japanese company.

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