6:41 pm EDT, September 13, 2018

Nintendo announces ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch, plus many more big games

The new Animal Crossing game for the Switch was proceeded by many, MANY awesome game announcements during today’s Nintendo Direct video presentation.

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The Direct started off with a reveal trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Switch. The new Luigi ghost hunting adventure is coming in 2019.

Then, they moved directly into 3DS games, starting with a Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn port for 3DS in 2019. All of the stages from the 2010 Wii version of the game are returning, on top of new abilities, modes, and mini games.

Mario and Luigi: Bower’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey for 3DS will release on January 11, 2019. The original Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS port will allow for two-player co-op, and will have added amiibo functionality, and is coming on October 12, 2018.

Yo-Kai Watch Blasters will have a September 27 additional content update for free with new missions, areas, bosses, and new Yo-Kai to friend. The name of this additional content is called Moon Rabbit Crew.

Moving on to Switch games, a Splatoon 2 update will come soon. Players can soon play Version 4.0 of the game, which adds new weapons, such as grenades, and new ultimates.

Mega-Man 11 is coming to the Switch on October 2, and an update for Mario Tennis Aces will add Birdo, Shy Guy, and Koopa Paratroopa, along with Petey Paranah. Mario Tennis will also have new co-op missions online, and the game will have updates until next June. The latest update for Version 2.0 is coming September 19.

Final Fight, The King of Dragons, Captain Commando, Knights of the Round, and Warriors of Fate, along with new titles Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit are all releasing on September 18 for the Switch in the Capcom Beat’Em Up Bundle.

New Super Mario Bros. U is being ported to the Switch, will add Nabbit and Toadette as playable characters, and will also have all of the levels from the Luigi spinoff. All told, the new Switch game will have 160 levels. January 11, 2019 is when this game releases.

Katamari will be rolling its way onto the Switch with an HD re-release of Katamari Damacy REROLL this coming Winter.

The Nintendo Switch Online service was detailed, with it releasing September 18. The service will have cloud saves, online matches, online NES multiplayer games, the smartphone app functionality (which is where voice chat is), and occasional special offers.

A pair of NES controllers were announced for the Nintendo Switch. They are wireless and are meant for playing NES games in the Switch’s new online service. They will retail for $59.99 for the pair, and are available for pre-order on September 18. They charge by sliding onto the side of the console, just like the Joy Cons do.

Pokemon: Let’s Go showcased the axed HM moves, hairstyles, and other features for the November 16 release. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection was announced for the Switch, with the hack and slash game arriving on November 2. All amiibo figures are compatible, and an exclusive Ganondorf armor will be in the game.

Super Mario Party‘s 80 new minigames look super fun, as does the ability to connect two consoles for the game, which releases on October 5. A new Gamefreak game was also announced, with a working title of Town. It is a story that takes place in a single village, as opposed to a sprawling RPG. The game is turn-based, and is coming in 2019.

Cities: Skylines is being ported to the Switch, and is available now. Daemon X Machina is a mech suit shooter coming to the Switch in 2019. Civilization VI was finally officially announced for the Switch, along with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

Yoshi’s Crafted World is as wonderful looking as Yoshi’s Wooly World, and will let you play any course backwards. This Yoshi game comes to the Switch in Spring 2019.

Asmodee Digital is bringing table-top games to the Switch, including Carcasone, Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, Pandemic, Catan, and Munchkin.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a new DLC featuring the Starfox characters, including villain Wolf. It releases on October 16.

The World Ends with You features a new mode called “A New Day,” and launches on October 12. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna — The Golden Country will have a September 21 release, but is available for players today that already own the DLC season pass. Sonic Racers is coming this Winter, along with new title LEGO DC Super-Villians on October 15.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered will hit the Switch in 2019, with added dungeon content and online co-op. World of Final Fantasy will allow you to play as Yuna, Tidus, Noctis on November 6. Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon releases this Winter, as does Final Fantasy 12, which releases in 2019. Final Fantasy VII, X, IX, and X-2 will all be coming in 2019 to the Switch.

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch bundle was featured, complete with a Smash dock and Joy Cons. It releases on November 16, and the game releases on December 7.

Isabelle will be coming to Smash Ultimate, and will have a completely different moveset from Villager. She uses her fishing pole, flower pom poms, and even a stop sign in battle.

Tom Nook then had the honor of announcing the much anticipated and requested Animal Crossing for Switch, which is coming in 2019. It’s the first console version of Animal Crossing in a decade. No further details were announced today, but it’s a huge deal!

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