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Eight actresses who could get down to business in Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’

Who should play the warrior princess?

Mulan is getting the live-action treatment! So who should play her? We’ve picked eight actresses we think would be perfect.

Yesterday it was announced that Disney would be doing a live-action adaptation of their 1998 animated film Mulan. Now the question on everyone’s mind is: who will play Mulan? We have a few ideas!

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Fan Bingbing

fan bingbing mulan

Known for: Iron Man 3, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Perhaps Fan isn’t as well known to North American audiences yet, but she’s well established internationally and has earned multiple awards for her performances. She’s definitely started winning everyone over though. Who didn’t think Blink was awesome in Days of Future Past? Mulan would be a fantastic next role for her. She could continue finessing her fighting skills, and she’d be able to show off more of her acting abilities. Moreover, she’s a singer. Though it’s still unclear whether or not this live-action adaptation will be a musical, with Fan as the lead, there’s an option for both.

Arden Cho

arden cho mulan

Known for: Teen Wolf

Arden has a long list of credentials, but she didn’t become a household name until being cast as Kira, the katana wielding kitsune on Teen Wolf (try saying that five times fast). She has the endearing doe eyes that will make your heart melt, but don’t be fooled. This girl can kick your butt before you can say ‘Mushu,’ and she’ll do it all with a charming smile on her face. Arden has proven she’s adept with a blade, and with such a sweet face how could you not want her to play Mulan? She’s more than just a kickass actress though. Arden is also a singer, so like Fan Bingbing, having Arden play Mulan would allow for a musical version.

Jamie Chung

jamie chung mulan

Known for: Once Upon a Time, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Who better to play Mulan in a live-action film than the actress who is currently playing Mulan in a live-action television show? Jamie won us all over on Once Upon a Time with her portrayal of Mulan. Time and again she’s shown us her true warrior princess spirit, whether it was Once Upon a Time, Sin City, or Sucker Punch. Out of everyone on this list, Jamie is the only one we know for a fact is a great fit, seeing as she’s already Mulan. Why fix what isn’t broken? Plus she looks great in armor.

Malese Jow

malese jow mulan

Known for: The Vampire Diaries, Star-Crossed, The Flash

Malese Jow should be no stranger to Hypable readers. With an established fanbase, she’d be a great pick for Mulan. The support is already in place. There’s a reason she’s a fan favorite though. She’s a wonderful actress. We’ve seen her sweet side, and we’ve seen her spunky side. We’ve seen her fierce, and we’ve seen her vulnerable. There’s little doubt that she’d be capable of pulling off the multiple sides of Mulan. It would also be great to see her in a lead role, where she can really show off her acting chops, instead of as a supporting actress. Malese also has a singing background, so she’d be another ideal choice if this adaptation is to be a musical.

Rinko Kikuchi

rinko kikuchi mulan

Known for: Pacific Rim

Rinko’s role as Mako in Pacific Rim really put her in the limelight. At first glance, Mako seemed timid and unassuming, but she wasn’t to be underestimated. When given the chance to show what she’s made of, Mako kicked butt and took names. All of that is due to Rinko’s performance. It’s not hard to imagine her as Mulan. Just replace the futuristic armor for some old fashioned armor and she’s set. What’s more, Rinko is trained in sword fighting and horseback riding. Playing Mulan would be a walk in the park for her. Or rather, a ride on horseback.

Katie Leung

katie leung mulan

Known for: Harry Potter franchise

Fellow Potter actress Emma Watson will play Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast adaptation, so why not add another Potter star to play a Disney princess? It’d be great to see Katie trade in that wand for a sword and watch the magic happen. She hasn’t been too busy since the Potter films, so this would be a great way to kick start her career in a big way. Katie definitely has the vulnerability needed to play Mulan, especially for the early stages of the story. We’d fall in love with her instantly. Then she would blow us away when it came to time to show how strong she is, both physically and emotionally.

Janel Parrish

janel parrish mulan

Known for: Pretty Little Liars

As a triple threat, Janel is definitely a strong contender for this role. She can act, sing, and dance. Her Pretty Little Liars fame also brings a legion of fans to her support, an enticing feature to a casting director. Even more, she already has experience with live-action Disney adaptations, having acted in Pinocchio in 2000. Although we have yet to see her in full-fledged warrior mode, if it were to happen, Mulan would be the role to see it. Perhaps with some training, Mulan would be the project that catapults her to action heroine status.

Ellen Wong

ellen wong mulan

Known for: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Carrie Diaries

Her name was Knives in Scott Pilgrim, what more do you need to hear? But really, Ellen made you fall in love with Knives. She balanced sweet innocence and badass-ery perfectly. As a relative up-and-comer there isn’t a lot to go on. Mulan would help her achieve more notoriety, and would challenge her acting abilities a bit more, only improving her talent.

Who do you think should play Mulan?

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