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10 animated Disney movies that have to be adapted into live-action

We count down which of Disney’s other films have the best potential for a real life adaptation.

Disney continues bringing its animated films to life in live-action. So far we’ve seen live-action adaptations of 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty (sort of). Then there are ones that are in the works like The Jungle Book, another Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, and Dumbo. But there are still so many left that deserve real life adaptations. Below are 10 Disney animated films that would be great as live action.

10) ‘The Incredibles’

the incredibles disney

Superheroes are a huge trend these days, so it should surprise no one that The Incredibles made this list. It’s Fantastic Four on caffeine and sugar, combining all the superpower hijinks we love without taking itself too seriously. Some might say we don’t need any more superhero films, but what we really don’t need are the same superhero films. Yes, the characters in The Incredibles are similar to those of the Marvel variety, but it owns those similarities and makes a parody of them. It would be great to have a satirical take on the superhero genre, and break the monotony of them.

9) ‘Hercules’

hercules disney

In a similar vein of The Incredibles, a live action version of Disney’s 1997 Hercules would be a refreshing twist on the overdone story of Hercules. It would be much more fun and humorous than previous iterations, with the added benefit of a fantastic female lead in Meg. Fantasy and mythology is still a great genre to explore in films, and you can only imagine the kind of production designs that we would see. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to see Pegasus grow from a cute little baby horse to a cute big baby horse?

8) ‘The Sword in the Stone’

the sword in the stone disney

Continuing the fantasy and mythology trend, next we have the story of King Arthur and Merlin. An audience already exists that would see this film in a heartbeat (looking at you BBC Merlin fans), but the story is such a classic that many more would see it anyway. The Sword in the Stone also has the added benefit of the characters having different ages than previous versions, allowing for a storyline that feels more original, and hasn’t been told numerous times already. With the right child actor, a live action version of The Sword in the Stone could be quite charming and moving in a way that an animation can’t.

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7) ‘Tangled’

tangled disney

Starting off the female led films on this list is Tangled. Rapunzel and Eugene would very easily translate to live actors, and the character’s themselves demonstrate a refreshing role reversal that’s lacking in many recent live action films. It also has something for everyone to enjoy. A bit of romance, lots of humor, and plenty of action and adventure. It even has a lovely little twist wherein the girl still gets the guy even after she cuts off all her beautiful hair. Overall it’s just a fun film that would be a great buddy-cop variant.

6) ‘Brave’


The next girl power film has hair of a different sort. Spunky Merida is exactly the kind of girl we need to see more of on the big screen. Yes she’s a princess, but she doesn’t embody the typical princess traits that Disney commonly uses. It’s important to show all kinds of girls on film, not just girls who like dresses and want to fall in love. In addition, Hollywood seems to not be tiring of the archer hero, and it would be really awesome to see some of Merida’s archery tricks done in real life (or as close to real as possible). What’s more, think of all the epic, sweeping shots of the Scottish Highlands we would get. Cinematography would be breathtaking.

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