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Celebrating the Monumentour: Paramore and Fall Out Boy’s best live songs

Two of the best and most talented bands of our time are currently on tour. Together. In celebration of The Monumentour, we’re counting down Paramore and Fall Out Boys best live songs!

Album versions and live versions of songs are sometimes very different. Sometimes a song on an album doesn’t quite translate to a live performance, or sometimes a song sounds a bit flat on an album but kills when performed live. That’s the beauty of music. Each performance, live or in studio, has its own vibe and sound. No two performances ever sound exactly the same.

Instead of listing these two bands’ best songs, we’re celebrating the ones that are the most awesome when performed live in front of a crowd. Songs that give us chills, take our breath away, and may even make us cry a little bit. We honestly couldn’t be more excited that these two amazing bands are touring together.

While Paramore and Fall Out Boy may not be playing all of these songs during their Monumentour sets, here are our absolute favorite songs of theirs to hear (and experience) live!


‘Let the Flames Begin’

If you ask any Paramore fan what their favorite live song is, chances are that they’ll say “Let the Flames Begin.” While it may be kind of a sleeper on their second album, Riot!, it takes on a whole new level of sound and emotion when you hear it live. Plus, the outro is absolutely raw and fantastic. it gives us chills every time.

‘Part II’

Five years after releasing “Let the Flames Begin,” Paramore released “Part II” as a sort of melodic and thematic sequel to the song (hence the name). While the studio version of “Part II” does sound more similar to the way that Paramore plays it live, the live version is still amazing. It picks up exactly where “Let the Flames Begin” ends and adds to the idea of feeling lost and hopeless. Yet, it in no way feels pessimistic. When we hear this song live, all we want to do is sing at the top of our lungs. It’s so fantastic (especially when paired with “Let the Flames Begin”).


Three words. The. Pressure. Flip. Who doesn’t love the “Pressure” flip?! While this is one of the oldest Paramore singles, it definitely never feels dated or overplayed. It’s so fun and light-hearted. Plus, we love it when we, as an audience, completely take over the second verse. We don’t know about you, but we ALWAYS look forward to the flip that Jeremy and Taylor do as they play the chorus a final time. It’s just so classic and so Paramore and we love it so much. The end.

(Also, “Pressure” may or may not have randomly come up on our playlist as we were writing about our feelings for the song, and we may or may not have had to take a dance/”sing into a hairbrush” break because of it.)

‘Still Into You’

We love live performances of this song for three reasons. First, the energy. Paramore puts even more energy into this song during a live performance than they did in the studio recording, which is pretty impressive. It’s so infectious that we can’t help but jump around in time with Hayley. Second, Hayley’s high note at the end of the bridge is amazing and gives us chills every time we experience her hitting it. Third, the balloons/confetti/whatever the band wants to throw out at the audience. They’ve had it at most performances of the song, including their appearance on Good Morning America in June and we can’t get enough of it!

‘Misery Business’

Correct us if we’re wrong, but Paramore hasn’t played a show since Riot! came out in 2007 where they haven’t played this song. And it just feels so good. Seriously. The whole song is just so fun and so energetic, especially when performed live. We especially love how the band has been inviting fans onstage to finish out the song (and usually the entire show) with them. It’s such a great way to show how much the band cares for its fans and it gives us fans hope of ever being onstage with them! While this song could have gotten old and felt overplayed by now, Paramore always finds a way to keep it fresh and fun.

‘That’s What You Get’

Besides the fact that “That’s What You Get” is this writer’s all-time favorite Paramore song, it’s such a fun song to hear and watch at a concert. The song is so upbeat and so energetic that it’s hard to keep from jumping and bopping around to it. Plus, it never sounds exactly the same from performance to performance. You can tell that the band really loves playing because they always have giant smiles on their faces and swing their instruments constantly. This is on top of all of the headbanging that they do (that we don’t really see them do as much anymore). No Paramore setlist would truly be complete without this gem.

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