Modern Family announced that Jay and Gloria’s new son will be named Fulgencio, but are Jay and Gloria entirely happy about the name?

After last week’s highly anticipated episode, this week’s episode, “Fulgencio” tied up a few questions that were left open. Firstly, and foremost, the episode opens with Jay and Gloria having a small argument over the name of the baby boy. Gloria demands that the boy will be named Fulgencio, and Jay doesn’t take the news too well. But, Jay is fighting a larger battle than he thinks, when really, it’s Gloria’s mother, Pilar, who is a strong influence on the naming.

Pilar and Jay have never seen eye-to-eye and with that comes a lot of tension. But, most of Jay’s frustration is the fact that Pilar and Sonia have settled in a little too quickly in the household and are laying down their own family rules. Jay tries to diffuse the tension, and to warm himself to Pilar’s good natured side. However, it completely backfires, and ends up with Sonia accusing Gloria of “stealing her life” when Jay reveals he actually wanted to get in touch with Sonia.

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Sadly, there wasn’t much humour coming from Gloria’s family. It was all a little stereotypical and borderline rude. Sonia asking where the garden is to wash her clothes in the river was just ridiculous.

Cam and Mitchell continue to struggle with Lilly, as she is seen frequently being sarcastic and undermining their authority. “Whambulance” must have been heard a dozen times during the episode, and became slightly tired by the third or fourth usage. Lilly had picked it up from Claire, to Cam’s delight, by spinning bad parenting on Claire’s behalf.

On the back of last week’s episode, it would be harsh to say this was an all-time-great episode. It was really just a filler. The fans learnt the name of the new Pritchett, and Phil isn’t that good at trying to fix his children’s problems, which was known a long time ago. The inclusion of stereotypes against Gloria’s family was unnecessary and not particularly funny. The inclusion of the Godfather scene at the dying moments of the episode gave us a couple of chuckles, but nothing more. Hopefully, next week’s “Best Men” will be an improvement.

Check out Modern Family next Wednesday over on ABC at 9PM ET/PT.

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