Michael C. Hall drops ‘Dexter’ finale hints

6:15 pm EST, February 5, 2013

In an interview with Michael C. Hall, the Dexter star acknowledges he knows what will happen regarding the series ending. But, did Michael disclose how the series will end?

Michael C. Hall is slowly, but surely revealing more and more about how the ending of Dexter will happen. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hall went on to describe that, he has a “broad-stroke idea about where things are headed” before comedically quipping, “the end!”

But will Dexter be getting a happy ending during season 8’s conclusion? Hall commented, “If it were left up to Dexter, the character, to write the ending I think it would probably be somewhat better if it was less complicated than it will actually be.”

It also appears that Dexter will see the return of Hannah McKay, portrayed by the excellent Yvonne Strahovski. On Dexter and Hannah’s relationship, Hall says, “It’s such an insane relationship. These people with these secrets and these skeletons in their closet trying to have a romantic love relationship, it’s bananas. As dangerous as it is, his appetite to connect with someone who could possibly accept and embrace the totality of who he is, is too appealing. One thing leads to another as they say.”

This news has not been confirmed yet by Showtime, but it seems as though Yvonne Strahovski is going to return to season 8 for Dexter’s most romantically involved counterpart to date, Hannah McKay. It was rumoured last week that she joined the rest of the cast in participating in the first read-through of the season 8 script after Jennifer Carpenter confirmed the read through had gone incredibly smoothly via Twitter, with Yvonne landing in LA that very same day, presumably for the read-through.

But, the comments made by Hall further enhance this news. We doubt he would hardly speak in detail about Dexter and Hannah’s relationship if she wasn’t set to return, and we expect this news to be confirmed in the next few days after the announcement of Aimee Garcia being signed up for another season as Jamie.

Dexter returns on Showtime on June 30, 2013.


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