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‘Lucifer’ season 6 review: Netflix lets the Devil say goodbye

Our Lucifer season 6 review is a spoiler-filled discussion of the show’s final 10 episodes and everything this series has accomplished.

Wow, we’re really here, aren’t we? After Lucifer was cancelled—twice—I was terrified we wouldn’t get the ending we deserved. Thanks to Netflix, however, the show made it to season 6, and I couldn’t be happier.

After watching Lucifer season 5, I was excited about what came next, even though I knew the show had a lot to fit into those final 10 episodes. So much had changed, and yet there was so much more work yet to do.

Luckily, the Lucifer writers’ room is full of professionals, and they know what the fans want—and what we need. Lucifer’s final season was the perfect balance of looking at where we came from while simultaneously looking at where we were going, with a few major curve balls thrown in along the way.

I couldn’t be more satisfied, so without wasting another second, let’s get into some of the major moments of Lucifer season 6 and why I loved them so much. (Remember, spoilers ahead.)

‘Lucifer’ season 6 review

A walk down memory lane

lucifer season 6 review

One of the best things this season gave us was a walk down memory lane. I’m so grateful the cast and crew knew this was going to be the final season because it allowed the show to go back to its roots—in more ways than one.

The opening of the Lucifer season 6 premiere was an homage to the opening of the very first episode of the show, and boy did it land! Seeing the cop again, witnessing their conversation, and know how far Lucifer has come in six seasons was incredible.

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But it didn’t stop there. Throughout these last 10 episodes, there were plenty of callbacks to the previous seasons. It didn’t feel like pandering, either—it felt like a bunch of friends sitting around a room, sharing inside jokes and stories from their past.

More than anything, this last season was a comfort. It made me laugh, and it made me cry. There were happy moments and silly moments and emotional moments. It was the epitome of what Lucifer has come to represent for me—a show full of characters choosing every day to be a better version of themselves.

Lucifer has driven me crazy over the years—as he’s meant to do—but at the end of the day, you know he truly is trying to be worthy of the humans he’s surrounded himself with. Despite his narcissism and his near inability to take proper advice from his therapist, he has found a way to organically grow as a person without changing the core parts of himself that has always made him great.

It might be silly, as this show can be (purposefully) ridiculous sometimes, but I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a series that has made me think as deeply about myself and the people around me as Lucifer has. Despite the situations being celestial in nature, the lessons Lucifer learns are ones we should all keep in mind.

This show has always been about tackling your demons, learning to communicate your feelings, and taking responsibility for your actions. None of that has changed in the final season, and I’ve found myself moved on more than one occasion because the series has tackled real-life issues we can call relate to.

Do the work

lucifer season 6 amenadiel

Speaking of tackling real-life issues, Lucifer did not shy away from the more topical issues our society has been facing these days. I wanted to include this in my Lucifer season 6 review because I loved the way the show not only broached the topic but showed us that sometimes these solutions take time, willingness, and lots of work.

Episode 7 introduced Eve’s ex, Adam, who showed up the day before her wedding in an attempt to win her over. I loved how Eve stood tall the entire episode and didn’t back down from her convictions even once. This can be a difficult thing to do in the presence of a toxic ex who has taken advantage of your kindness in the past.

Better yet, we actually get to see Adam work on his own issues of toxic masculinity, thanks to Linda. It’s going to be a long and arduous journey for him, but the fact that he can even be aware of his own shortcomings is progress. This arc was even more satisfying than if he’d just been written off as the guy who lost Eve because he didn’t treat her right.

Taking center stage, however, was Amenadiel’s journey to become a police officer in Caleb’s memory. Still aggrieved by the boy’s death, I love that this angel wanted to spend time in the trenches righting as many wrongs as he could.

But it wasn’t going to be easy. The first strike against him came when he realized that the cop who’d threatened Caleb hadn’t been punished—he’d been promoted to Detective. Not only that, but Amenadiel’s partner, Officer Harris, had a very different way of handling business than he did.

Harris used to be like Amenadiel—loud, opinionated, and righteous—but she learned the hard way that it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Instead, she chose to take the small victories over chasing the big ones. She could’ve gotten a promotion, but it would’ve sent her away from her neighborhood, where the real work needed to be done.

I can’t say that Amenadiel and Harris ever truly saw eye-to-eye, but together they were able to save a young woman’s life and reputation, despite Detective Reiben’s interference. And I think they may have had an effect on each other—Amenadiel learned that doing the right thing isn’t always rewarded, and Harris realized that sometimes you have to stick your neck out, no matter the consequences.

Regardless, Amenadiel certainly inspired Chloe, who decided to rejoin the force and work from the inside out. As a white woman and a legacy cop, she’ll (unfortunately) be taken a little more seriously than someone like Harris or Amenadiel. The show reminds us of the inherent privilege she has, but then shows us that she’s willing to do the work.

The best part about this episode is that it confronts all of the complexities of this hot-button issue. Yes, there are some bad cops out there. But there are good cops, too. But what about the good cops who stay silent? Are they bad, or are they doing the best they can with what they’re given?

The show doesn’t give us black-and-white answers to these questions, but rather shows us that if we work together to hold people responsible, good can come out of a bad situation. But it will still take time and effort.

By the Lucifer season 6 finale, we see Chloe has made Lieutenant in under a year and has promoted Harris to a detective position. The department is far from fixed—let alone the issue of police brutality across the country—but Chloe stayed true to her word. It’s a start.

Sympathy for the Devil

lucifer season 6 tom ellis

It’s about time this Lucifer season 6 review tackled the main plot point of this season—the fact that Lucifer is about to become God. In the first couple of episodes, he spends his remaining time with Chloe, trying to figure out how to be the best God possible.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Lucifer if the Devil didn’t put off the inevitable for a couple of days. It’s clear he doesn’t want to go to Heaven, but that doesn’t exactly solve their problem of what to do now that his father—aka God—has left this realm to be with his wife.

Unfortunately, the problems keep stacking up, and in episode 3, we’re introduced to a new character (and get that amazing cartoon interlude). Rory flies Dan up to Earth in order to figure out how exactly to exact revenge on Lucifer. Why, you may ask? Well, turns out that Rory is Lucifer’s daughter from the future, and she’s pissed that he abandoned her before she was even born.

Lucifer spends the rest of the season trying to prove he would never do that and doing his best to (once again) delay the inevitable. What I loved about this arc (other than Rory herself because she was a total badass) was the fact that we got to once again witness someone gaining sympathy for the Devil.

Yes, Lucifer makes mistakes, even when he’s trying to do the right thing. He can be dismissive, forgetful, self-centered, and more than a little rude at times, but he’s always trying, and his awareness of his own shortcomings is coming more frequently every day.

Rory hated Lucifer more than anyone else in the world, but even she got to witness how extraordinary he could be. And more than anything, Lucifer’s saving grace was his love for Rory’s mother, Chloe. Though this show has explored many topics of mortality and morality over the years, it’s Lucifer’s love for Chloe that has become the foundation of everything he’s done.

I’m not usually a fan of plot lines that introduce surprise children, but I have to say this one was played out to perfection. Not only did it help that Rory was full-grown and came in swinging with a personality that could go toe-to-toe with her father’s, but I loved that it truly brought out the best in Lucifer.

Now, not only did he have Chloe in his life, but he had their daughter. His heart and his love expanded to include this other person that he, admittedly, barely knew, but would do anything for. That is the definition of unconditional love, and it was the final act in making Lucifer realize his true calling.

Goodbye, Lucifer

lucifer mazikeen eve

Oh, this part of the Lucifer season 6 review is going to be difficult. I cried my way through this season, but nothing prepared me for the last two episodes. We truly got to see this show at its rawest, and even though it brought me to tears, I couldn’t have been happier.

First, there were the goodbyes. Lucifer made it a point to talk to the important people in his life, in case Rory was right about him leaving and never coming back. It was obviously difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that he’d abandon his daughter, but I loved that he chose to be proactive in case it was true.

And in a way, this allowed us to say goodbye to all these characters we’ve known for six years. It would’ve been harder to leave this show behind if it hadn’t taken the time to give each and every single one of them their moment to shine, not only throughout the season but in the penultimate episode.

Amenadiel, having become God, found his true calling, and he chose to wield this power differently than his father. He would stand by his brothers and sisters and work with them to make the world a better place—all while still making time to be with his son.

Linda, who had been struggling with her self-confidence before this, got to hear Lucifer say how much she meant to him, not only as a therapist, but also as a friend. As insane as her life has been over the years, she has a chance to start over as a mother to a beautiful boy—who definitely has wings, by the way.

Lucifer’s goodbye with Mazikeen was the most emotional for me because they have both come so far since the first season. Both of them have recognized their toxic habits and actively continue to work against them. In this moment, Lucifer thanked Maze for being his best friend and wished that he had treated her better, while Maze told him that her new life, full of friends and family, was all because of him.

He didn’t need to tell her that he was saying goodbye because these two understand each other on a level that, perhaps, no one else ever will. Her wordless, emotional departure will bring tears to my eyes every time I think of it (including right now, writing this Lucifer season 6 review), but I’m comforted by the fact that she will have Eve kicking ass by her side for the rest of time.

Dan’s sendoff was also emotional. After his conversation with Trixie, he was able to ascend to heaven, having finally confronted the last of his guilt. Dan’s death was hard to bear, but I also think it was one of the strongest moments in the show because it was real and raw and had a lasting impact on everyone.

The way Lucifer season 6 subsequently handled Dan’s departure was even better. First, he ended up in Hell, where he had to work through his guilt. Then, he became a ghost, where he was able to say a proper goodbye to Chloe and Trixie before finally joining Charlotte in heaven. And yes, seeing that pudding cup did make me burst into tears.

As wonderful as all of these goodbyes were, my favorite was between Lucifer and Ella. Miss Lopez went through a bit of a journey this season, and I’m glad she finally figured out what’s been going on all these years. Though it was difficult for her to understand how her friends would keep her out of the loop like this, she came to accept that they had done it for her own safety.

Ella and Lucifer have always had a beautiful relationship. She’s been one of my favorite characters since the beginning for a variety of reasons. I love that her bright personality is an active choice she makes every day, despite the darkness that lives inside inside her. Despite not being religious myself, I respect the way her faith was called into question and her determination to reclaim it. I also love her eagerness to learn, as well as her unabashed nerdiness.

Throughout the years, Ella has been a comfort to all of her friends, and I loved that during his goodbye, Lucifer made sure to tell her how important she was to him. He also remembered his disappearing act from last time and made sure he didn’t hurt her like that again. In the end, he gave her a gift that wasn’t shallow and flashy, but something that would not only make her happy, but also benefit others as well.

The final goodbye Lucifer had to make was between him and Chloe, and the show spent the last episode letting these two fight side by side. After all, it was called “Partners ‘Til the End” for a reason. The series once again proved that when these two are the same page, they are invincible (more or less).

I’ll admit, I was curious how Lucifer season 6 was going to satisfy us, knowing that Lucifer would have to leave Chloe for several decades of her life and miss out on his daughter’s childhood. But damn, they pulled it off.

In the end, faith is what kept both of them going—faith in each other. It must’ve been difficult for Chloe to take care of Rory without Lucifer around, but she did it to the best of her ability and raised a beautiful daughter in the process.

And imagine how many thousands of years Lucifer had to spend away from both of them in Hell. But he had found his calling, acting as a therapist(!) to the souls who felt guilty over their actions in life. This is Lucifer at his best, and when Chloe finally joined him, as his partner, I couldn’t believe our luck. They could be a family again.

Though it was touch-and-go there for a couple seasons as we wondered how Lucifer would end, the show managed to give us exactly the kind of sendoff we—and these characters—deserved.

Thank you, Lucifer, for all the love and laughs you’ve provided us along the way.

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