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The cast of ‘Lucifer’ preview what’s to come in season 3 at SDCC 2017

We spoke with some members of the cast of Lucifer season 3 about what we can expect from the show when it premieres on October 2.

Hypable has plenty of coverage from SDCC this year, but one of the highlights for this writer in particular was the fun and informative (and surprising!) Lucifer panel. Later that day, we hit the roundtables and talked to some of the cast. You can find all the interesting tidbits below.

Tom Ellis aka Lucifer

Where does Lucifer’s story pick up when we return?

We pick up exactly where we left off. Where Lucifer’s stuck in the desert with his wings. He does manage to get his way back to Los Angeles and his main mission is to find out who’s behind it all. He’s absolutely convinced it’s Dad, but also he believes that Dad never gets his own hands dirty, so he must be using some kind of emissary. That’s basically his focused mission.

And the main theme of this year is about identity. Because the wings mean an awful lot to Lucifer. Not just that he looks like an angel and all that sort of stuff, but it’s about his father’s perception and control of [him]. Lucifer doesn’t want to be defined by anyone other than himself, and so as hard as he believes his Dad is pushing back to say “You are this,” Lucifer’s going to push back even harder in the other direction. So, I think the result of that means that we might get some extra devilish behavior.

Do you know anything about your dynamic with Tom Welling’s character yet? It sounds like it’s going to be very antagonistic.

I do know that he is the new Lieutenant on the police force, and Lucifer doesn’t have the most respect for authority. But at the same time, Lucifer does have a lot of respect for the Detective. And I think the Detective and the Lieutenant start to spark somewhat. And whilst they’re sparking with each other, you can only imagine how that sparks Lucifer.

Will that bring Lucifer and Dan closer together, because they might have somebody they both look at suspiciously?

I hope so. I hope so because any opportunity I get to work with Kevin [Alejandro] we just love it. That is a really fun dynamic. I’ve really enjoyed the times that we’ve shed the disrespect and we’ve found a connection. And that’s been really fun. So, if we do get to do that, that’ll be great.

When Chloe does find out the entire truth about Lucifer, how do you think that’s going to change their dynamic, their relationship?

I don’t know, is the honest answer. I mean, you know, it was obviously huge for Dr. Linda. But then Dr. Linda is used to having to deal with that, it’s part of her job.

I think it could be the biggest curveball in the world for Chloe, and she just wants out of it. Or it could be the opposite, and she might be really understanding and accepting of it. I thought of that relationship a little bit like Beauty and the Beast. But it would be the reverse. It would be the Prince, turning into the Beast. And does she still love him then?

How are you going to walk that line between good and evil in season 3?

Instinctively, Lucifer has got this kind of, like, I wouldn’t say evil, but this careless abandon about if he wants to do something, he’ll just do it. And, consequently, he doesn’t really think that far ahead. So, I think he will definitely be pushing towards a darker side of Lucifer at times this season, for sure.

You are a talented musician. How much influence did you have for Lucifer playing and singing in the show?

Well, initially, in the pilot, he had his piano. And if you do any sort of research about the character Lucifer over time, [you see] that he’s a big appreciator of music. And that, for him, is almost a language. And he can connect with people about that. That’s why that Father Frank episode was so great, because they had this mutual connection.

The singing side of things, that sort of was a happy accident, really. That came from a social out with our team of writers, and we ended up in a karaoke bar. And I think I blasted out “Mustang Sally” and they were like, “Yes, hold on a minute, we need to put this in the show.” So, lo and behold, it became the opening for episode 6 in the first season. And then we’ve tried to sort of dot it in along the way. There is a really fun episode coming up in season 3 that takes place in Vegas.

Will you ever do a musical?

It depends how this episode goes down that I’ve just referenced. But there’s an episode in this season, that takes place in Las Vegas that has one of my favorite sequences that we’ve shot on the show. If people respond well to it, then I am going to push heavily for a musical episode.

Kevin Alejandro aka Detective Dan

Alejandro told us that Dan’s “going to stand up for himself this year and try to make people understand that he deserves to be where he’s at and own his title of being a great cop.” In particular, this is also going to be a dynamic/problem between him and Tom Welling’s character.

How close are Lucifer and Dan going to get?

Well, they’re going to have a common connection because Chloe’s eye is caught by someone else. I don’t know for sure, but I would think that’s something they could play with. Now she’s not into either one of us. So there we go!

But we pick up where we left off and we slowly answer some questions that I think everyone’s gonna have as to where we’re going with it. That being said, the banter is still there. There’s still that sort of, “Jeeze, why do you do this stuff? Why are you so weird?”

You were kind of whammied by Charlotte last season. She was into you, she wasn’t into you, she was again, and then she disappeared. Does that change Dan in anyway?

Yeah! He’s confused. At the end of last season, all recognition of who this guy is is gone. She’s now Charlotte Richards, but the real Charlotte. So that’s what we’re going to explore this season, I think. What kind of relationship could they potentially have and if they would click.

Rachel Harris aka Dr. Linda

So, Linda went through some pretty significant physical and emotional turmoil in the final episode. How is she going to be dealing with that in season 3?

Well, I can be really candid with you and tell you that I think she’s in a bit of denial because it’s crazy overwhelming. Can you imagine knowing this whole celestial, supernatural world exists? That the Devil actually exists? That God exists? That Mother Nature tried to take you? The goddess of all creation tried to kill you to get information? And to be caught up in this weirdly dysfunctional family is a lot.

And then to think that she almost died helping this entity out and she’s the only one that knows about it — I think it’s hard for her to cope with that. She’s in a bit of denial, so she goes really into overdrive still helping Lucifer. And then aspects of her life kind of come back to haunt her a little bit, and you start to see that professional veneer cracking a little bit.

As women, we constantly take care and mother and overextend ourselves, but a lot of times we don’t stop and say, “You know what? I’m tired,” or, “I really need to take a break right now,” or, “I need to take care of myself.” There’s a little bit of that that’s going to happen, which is great.

We see Linda and Maze get a lot closer over two seasons. Is there any chance that will ever go beyond friendship and would you like to see that?

That’s a good question. Honestly, what I like right now about their relationship is that it’s a really great friendship that I think is so perfect to just be what it is. I don’t think we’re going to see them get romantic. Never say never. I feel like I’m a little bit like Jeff Sessions right now. “I don’t recall. I don’t recall hearing that they would get together.”

But I think right now we just like the fact that they… This is the thing. Maze can sleep with anybody — man, woman, whatever. So it’s kind of great not to sexualize her relationship with someone and to actually have them be a friend. And that’s not easy when you’re used to getting what you want through sex. Or manipulating someone. So that’s why we feel a little bit protective of that relationship.

People are like, “When are you going to kiss? When are they going to make out?” Well, we know Maze is very sexual and we don’t know what Linda’s preference is, frankly. I mean, she liked Lucifer but [who doesn’t]? That’s me saying this is why we like that relationship the way it is. We have many people falling in love, and it’s not a hetero show. It’s for everyone. It’s a very LGBT-friendly show.

Tricia Helfer aka Mom/Charlotte

The characters [Mom and Charlotte] are obviously two different people, but they share the same body. What are you thinking about doing to make sure those two people appear distinct?

You know, with Charlotte, or with Mom, with the Goddess, she had a disdain for humans, but she also had a grandiosity about her. She was the Goddess of Creation. There was a way that maybe she walked, or things that she would do with her hands, or a way of inflection in her voice, just the way she would speak to humans. Charlotte won’t have that.

Charlotte was a high-powered, criminal defense attorney, so she’ll be much more grounded, I think. Obviously she won’t have a disdain for humans in the way that Mom did. I think she’ll be a little bit more– again, I haven’t actually played her yet. We did one [episode], in the four stand-alones, but Mom’s not really in them.

There’s one flashback episode, so there’s one scene we played [where] Chloe came to talk to Charlotte about a client she was representing. So we see Charlotte six years earlier. And we actually spent a lot of time trying to figure it out because it was actually interesting, because it’s gonna be who Charlotte is, when we come back in season 3. Charlotte will have gone through a whole bunch more than this Charlotte six years ago.

So I have played her once, for one scene, so she’ll be that, which was much more high-powered attorney. A little condescending — we don’t want to lose some of Mom’s sass and a fun to the character. You know, I don’t want to become this straight, one-note, bitchy attorney. “Oh, you’re the bad attorney” type thing. Definitely don’t want to do that. Though there will still be some kind of a bit of sassiness to her, but hopefully it’ll be coming across in a different way. A more grounded way. And yeah, we’ll have to see.

‘Lucifer’ season 3 premieres on Monday, October 2 at 8/7c

Interviews have been lightly edited for clarity.

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