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‘Lucifer’ season 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con: Panel recap

Lucifer returned to San Diego Comic-Con for a third incredible year. We live-blogged the panel and brought you the latest news right here.

And with the way things left off in that finale? Well, there was plenty to discuss. From Lucifer sending his Mother to a whole new dimension, to him regaining his wings, to Linda’s near death, and the almost confession to Chloe about his true identity, we had more than enough questions we needed answered.

‘Lucifer’ SDCC 2017 live-blog

Updated: The SDCC sizzle reel has been released online! Check it out and enjoy our first glimpse at Lucifer season 3.

2:48 PM: (Final post) Tom Welling told us a story about acting opposite Lauren German and being so impressed by her that he forgot it was his line. She just asked, “Little rusty, Tom?” The whole room died laughing.

2:46 PM: Rachel Harris doesn’t like when Tom Ellis talks in an American accent. He’s not allowed to do it anymore. Tom does the American accent and Rachel just keeps saying, “I don’t like it. I don’t like.”

2:38 PM: Pierce is the hero of his own story. Lucifer isn’t going to be happy having him around. He’ll definitely be an antagonist this season.

2:34 PM: The special guest has arrived! It’s Tom Welling! They have to call him T2 and everyone is running with it. He’s playing Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. He may or may not have a little eye for Detective Chloe Decker.

2:28 PM: What does everyone want to do next season? Rachel Harris wants everyone to get to know Dr. Linda a little better and since she’s never found love, she’d like to find romance. Aimee Garcia wants Ella to have superpowers. Kevin Alejandro wants Dan to kick major ass. Tricia Helfer says, “I don’t know what I want because I dont know who I am yet!” Tom Ellis wants a hip hop episode because he just saw Hamilton.

2:29 PM: There will be more singing in season 3! Lucifer and Ella have a little number they’ll be doing together in Vegas. All the fans want a soundtrack. Executive Producer Ildy Modrovich’s dream episode is to have a musical!

2:23 PM: They always ask themselves, “What is the worst thing you can do to your characters? How can you hurt them the most?” This is what they focus on and where they want to continue taking the show.

2:21 PM: They’re teasing a special guest…but they’re not here yet. Oops.

2:20 PM: In the writer’s room, they call the portal the space vagina — because it’s about rebirth!

2:19 PM: Will we see any Biblical guest stars? The focus is on these earthbound characters, but they’ve gone off book before, so there’s always a chance. Joe Henderson desperately wants the character Gaudium from Sandman to join the show.

2:16 PM: Aimee Garcia talks about how unique of a character Ella is. This is her favorite role she’s every played. “She’s very special, and Ifeel very honored to play someone like her.”

2:13 PM: Diversity in the writer’s room is extrenmely important to everyone. Half the writers on Lucifer are women. They like that each episode can have a different flavor because of the diversity.

2:10 PM: Rachel Harris doesn’t know when the next girl’s night out episode is, but there will be more interaction with other characters and what’s been going on with them. She’s also in denial about what’s happened to her. You can expect more Dr. Linda backstory!

2:07 PM: Kevin Alejandro has been working on his improv skills, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of Dan’s funny side.

2:05 PM: Tricia Helfer is talking about the fact that she’s never played Charlotte before. Now that Lucifer’s mother is gone, the real person the goddess inhabited has to figure out what has been going on with her.

2:03 PM: Season 3 will be about identity. He’s got his wings back, everyone is telling him he’s an angel and he’s gonna prove to them all they’re wrong.

2:00 PM: Welcome to satan worship 101! The cast has been brought on stage. Tom Ellis leads us in song to start off: “Crime solving devil / it makes sense / don’t overthink it

1:58 PM: We just saw a trailer for season 3 that included a lot of hilarious moments. It opened on Lucifer in the desert, beaten and bloody — but with his wings! When he returns to Earth, he’s all about pleasure and not about business. You can expect a lot of fun moments coming up.

1:53 PM: Just got seated in the room for Lucifer! Can’t wait to see what comes next. Stay tuned.

What are you most looking forward to in ‘Lucifer’ season 3?

‘Lucifer’ returns to FOX on Monday, October 2

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