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‘Legacies’ season 1 refresher course: The who, what, and where of the first 7 episodes

It hasn’t been that long since we had a new episode of Legacies, but it’s been long enough that we might need a little refresher course to jog our memories.

If you’ve found it hard to remember what happened in the first seven episodes of Legacies season 1, here’s a super brief glimpse at what we saw. These are not full recaps or official synopses, just a quick way to jog your memory of what you’ve seen.

‘This is the Part Where You Run’

Where it all began. This episode was a grand introduction (and a bit of a re-introduction) to all things Salvatore School. We caught up with Hope, Josie, Lizzie, and Alaric because it had been a bit since we’d seen them. We learned about the school’s mission and just how far they are going to help young supernaturals when we saw Hope and Alaric going out to save Raphael from some pretty confused foster parents.

This episode re-introduced us to Landon Kirby, as we previously knew him as that random boy Hope was crushing on at the Mystic Grill. We learned about his (human) backstory and discovered there is way more to Landon Kirby than we thought.

The episode ended with the knife starting us down a crazy, mysterious adventure.

‘Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn’

This is the dragon episode. Legacies definitely came out swinging by putting a freaking dragon in an episode. We learned quite a bit about the knife and started wondering how and why this creature appeared in Mystic Falls.

We also learned more about M.G., Kaleb, Penelope, and the twins as they tried their best to keep up appearances in the annual Salvatore School vs. Mystic Falls High flag football game. It’s important for the people of Mystic Falls not to see the Salvatore School as reclusive and misunderstood because that gives way to suspicion and distrust. By making a few yearly appearances at town events, the school can remain the ‘school for spoiled rich kids’ that the town thinks it is and remain completely off their radar.

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‘We’re Being Punked, Pedro’

To be honest, I think this was the episode where I fell in love with this show. Not only did they do a fantastic job with the gargoyle costuming and such, but they gave us a lot to think about when it comes to the knife. This was the first time we actively started thinking about the knife being the impetus for all these creatures showing up out of the blue.

The gargoyle had a history of protecting humans from supernatural creatures, so when it showed up at the school and wanted to wreak a little havoc, it thought it was protecting the world from these “monsters” rather than rampaging a school trying to do good for kids in supernaturally difficult circumstances.

This episode gave us a bit of Josie/Hope bonding, too, which was a nice start for a future friendship if Hope can continue to trust her and not shut her out every time things get difficult.

This is also the episode where Jeremy Gilbert makes a brief appearance, reminding us that he is still out in the world, still in contact with Alaric, and may or may not return some day. The Salvatore School may need a supernatural hunter at some point, especially if one of its students were to get a little out of control and need to be located.

‘Hope is Not the Goal’

Ah, the spider episode. Our little Salvatore School Avengers squad ventures out to Mystic Falls High in an attempt to gather intel on a couple of missing local teenagers. While some are more successful than others, we are quickly led to believe that a vampire is attacking the locals. Thankfully, this is not actually the case, but there were a few tense as hell moments while we wondered if Kaleb was losing control when he goes out for his ‘midnight snacks.’

While this isn’t our first Matt Donovan sighting of the season, it is the most substantial as he and Alaric try to piece together what happened to Dana and her friend in the woods overnight. We learn that Matt is fine with Alaric and his school existing on the outskirts of Mystic Falls as long as the supernatural contingent doesn’t start feeding on/maiming locals. We all know the pain and turmoil Matt endured over the years of TVD, so it’s not really a surprise that he’s not so keen on giving supernaturals second and third chances.

It’s nice to know how dedicated Alaric is to the school and its students, but also to see that dedication take the form of strict discipline when the time calls for it. The episode ends with Kaleb being locked away in a basement cell due to his recent rule breaking and M.G. feeling responsible for his vamp buddy’s fate.

Also, this is the Josie/Raph kiss… or when she kissed him to siphon magic and then kept doing it over and over again.


AKA the episode where this season and show opened up into a giant, continuous mystery. You see, in an attempt to get answers, Alaric and Dorian have been killing these creatures hoping for one that could communicate with them a bit more directly. They definitely got their wish when a dryad arrived on scene. She proceeds to explain a lot about what is going on behind the scenes and introduces us to what the episode’s title might mean. “Malivore” is a word we are going to be thinking about for a long time.

For more discussion on this episode and the Malivore/Landon parts specifically, you won’t want to miss our Legacies’ most prevalent mystery: What the Malivore are you, Landon Kirby?” article.

While Alaric and Dorian have their hands full off site, the kids back at the school are electing themselves an honor council so they have more of a say in how the school is run, which is a damn good idea. The witches, vampires, and werewolves elect themselves leaders. How fortunate that Josie, Raphael, Kaleb, and Hope (who sort of appoints herself as the lone tribrid in the world) end up elected.

Lots of answers in this episode, so if you’d like to watch an episode for an extended refresher, we highly recommend this one.

‘Mombie Dearest’

Mama Josie is back! Well, sort of. The most creepy (and arguably entertaining) creature of the bunch arrives in the form of the Necromancer and his undead disciples. He raises Josie from the dead to use her against her loved ones and get the knife out from under Alaric’s protection.

This was a really emotional and difficult episode for the Saltzmans, as the girls got to meet their biological mother for the first time, and Alaric was forced to say hello and goodbye again to the love of his life in the span of 24 hours. There are some really touching moments for this family here, and definitely a highlight of the season so far.

We also get to see Hope make a friend in this episode as she reaches out to Raph. Since she and the Honor Council sent Landon away for his own safety, she knows that the werewolf alpha could probably use a friend. Hopefully they continue to grow closer and closer as the episodes go on because they each could use a friend that would keep them a top priority.

Oh, and did we mention that we got a Penelope/Josie kiss here? All kinds of sexy tension between those two has us all anxious for more dirt on what broke these two up and why. This episode prompted our “Legacies’ resident bad girl Penelope Park: Love her? Hate her? Hate to love her?” article for anyone interested in talking about Penelope and her role on the show.

‘Death Keeps Knocking On My Door’

Last, but most certainly never least, we come to our mid-season finale. The Necromancer takes Hope on a journey through her subconscious that scars her in ways she didn’t see coming. She thought she was just getting answers about the knife and Malivore, but it turns out the Necromancer had other things in mind. What started as a fact finding mission quickly turns into Hope reflecting on losing her father and what his fate in the afterlife is.

We also see Kaleb tempting the hell out of M.G., which, ultimately, reveals to us that M.G. definitely takes after Stefan Salvatore in the vampire sub-categories. We now know that M.G. has ripper tendencies and that definitely doesn’t bode well for him if human blood becomes a necessary evil down the road.

There’s a lot going on in this episode, what with Raph having to deal with his undead girlfriend in addition to all the stuff above, but what more would you expect from a mid-season finale? Definitely check out “Legacies’ season 1 mid-season finale review: Hope gets an answer, we have more questions” for a more detailed breakdown of this one.

There are all sorts of good articles waiting for you in our Legacies category, so give those a read and get yourself ready for the rest of Legacies season 1. It’s almost here!

Are you ready for ‘Legacies’ big return?

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