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‘Legacies’ most prevalent mystery: What the Malivore are you, Landon Kirby?

I’m determined to figure out what this boy’s supernatural identity is after “Malivore.” It may kill me first, but I’ll just make sure there’s vamp blood in my system before I go.

Okay, so it’s been a couple weeks since we first discovered Landon’s idiosyncrasies. There are a number of things that don’t add up here, especially regarding what one can infer from Landon given his demeanor and general attitude toward the world. We know he’s a supernatural something, but this mystery is proving to be a damn difficult one to solve.

Google searches for “malivore” or trying to get any sort of etymology for “Seylah” proved unfruitful, as it seems these names were concocted for the show itself, and neither has any solid connection to myths or lore that already exist. Any and all mythology surrounding these names belongs solely to the TVD-Universe.

Anyway, here are all the clues I have gathered from the first five episodes regarding Landon Kirby and his supernatural secret. Please share all your theories because solving this mystery is definitely at the forefront of my brain at any given moment throughout any given day. It’s killing me!

How do you solve a problem like Landon Kirby’s supernatural identity?

  • After Legacies 1×05 “Malivore,” we know that there is something off with Landon’s family line, thanks to Hope Mikaelson and her proctoring of Landon’s lineage spell. Emma revealed that most humans have some bit of magic in their family lines over the ages, so Landon’s apparent lack of any magic is just as suspicious as it would have been if he had a werewolf uncle.
  • Landon was drawn to steal the knife, and this is most notable because it seems that no one else has even been tempted to put their hands on the knife in the school’s entire (15 year?) history.
  • Not only did Landon feel drawn to the knife to steal it, but the knife compelled him to lie to keep it hidden (and no, we don’t mean compelled as in the vampire version).
  • The knife attracts mythical and magical beasts, who appear one at a time. The dryad in this episode shared that she didn’t know what was drawing her toward the knife, or why, but that it was impossible for her to resist.
  • Landon’s mother, Seylah, has some relation to the dark pit the dryad referred to as Malivore. We know this because the dryad mindlessly doodled a symbol in the melted candle wax and it matches the necklace that Seylah is wearing in the only picture Landon has of him with his mother.

It’s also important to note that something, at some point, wiped the memories of these magical monsters from the brains of any human or humanoid creature. We saw that Oliver didn’t remember the dryad he once loved. No one, including Alaric who has been working with the supernatural for decades, knew anything about these magical creatures. They’ve never been seen in the TVD-verse, so whatever spell was enacted to keep them secret had to have been a damn powerful one.

After reading all those clues, it seems undebatable that Landon is definitely one of these magical creatures, only he is completely unaware of what he is. He may only appear to be powerless because he doesn’t know what kinds of abilities he has at his disposal.

Could he be fae or a changeling or some sort of sprite or gnome? Those are definitely easier to picture than any sort of dark creature, but it may be more reasonable to imagine him as an incubus or salamander who may be capable of more love than any of his kind that came before.

Hopefully, Landon’s trip to New Orleans to visit Vincent Griffith proves fruitful because Landon and Hope are closer than ever before after that incredibly adorable kiss in “Malivore,” and in order for their feelings to continue to grow, they really need to know more about Landon’s past.

What do you think Landon Kirby is?

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