6:11 pm EDT, July 22, 2016

‘The 100’ at SDCC: Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor say Clarke will move on from Lexa ‘eventually’

Now that Lexa is gone from The 100, will Clarke find love again? Find out what Eliza Taylor and Jason Rothenberg have to say.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, the cast and crew of The 100 gave a number of exciting interviews about the upcoming fourth season of The CW drama.

Hypable got in on the action, and we’ve got some great coverage coming up! Not least of which are the following interviews with Eliza Taylor and executive producer Jason Rothenberg, in which they discuss Clarke’s bisexuality, her love of Lexa, and whether she’ll be able to move on.

Below, Eliza Taylor explains why she hopes Clarke finds love after Lexa:

“When we were shooting season 3 and when Lexa died I was like, ‘she probably will never love again.’ But that’s not true for anyone. We go through the most ridiculous heartbreak, and years later we find love again. And I want that for her,” says Taylor, “as much as I fucking adore Alycia [Debnam-Carey] and Lexa and Clexa. I do want that for her, she deserves that.”

“Whether it be this season or the next, I don’t know,” she continues, and goes on to address why it is important that Clarke — as a bisexual woman — should be able to move on with either a man or a woman.

As Taylor explains, “Men or women, it shouldn’t be an issue, it shouldn’t be a thing. that’s what I love about our show: Is she gonna have sex with a guy or a girl? Is she gonna fall in love with a guy or a girl? It doesn’t matter. And it’s not even brought up, and that’s the beauty of The 100.”

Another non-straight couple on the show is obviously Bryan/Miller, which was set up in season 3. And Taylor points to them as a good example of how sexuality on The 100 is presented as a non-issue.

“You’ve got Bryan and Miller. It’s like, no one goes, ‘ooh they’re gay.’ You know?” she says. “It’s just natural and normal, it’s the way it should be. And that’s what I absolutely adore about this, and I hope that’s our future. Without the nuclear apocalypse!”

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Meanwhile showrunner Jason Rothenberg wants to make it clear that Clarke and Lexa were soulmates — but, as an 18-year-old woman, Clarke can’t be expected to live her life without ever finding romance again.

“She’s had two loves in three seasons and they didn’t end very well, and she’s still nursing a broken heart, and lost her soulmate in Lexa,” says Rothenberg. “So she’s not really ready to jump into another relationship. But at the end of the day, she’s 18. She’s an 18-year-old child still, in many ways, and so she will move on, for sure.”

Rothenberg continues, “And I can say, as the voice of Lexa — the person who created that character — that Lexa would want her to. Lexa would want Clarke to be happy again. As I think we all would want the people who we love to be able to — not forget us — but to move on and find happiness.”

While Rothenberg wouldn’t give details, he promises fans that Clarke “will be with somebody eventually. I’m not gonna say who, I’m not gonna say when, I’m not gonna say whether it’s a guy or a girl — but, you know, she’s bi, and that really means it can be anybody.”

Creatively, he says, “It’s one of the great things with having a bisexual character: When we look at the board in the room where all their faces are, she can be with almost anybody on that board. I mean, Abby would be a little weird, but everybody else is fair game really. Not to say she’ll be with everybody else!”

Would you like to see Clarke move on from Lexa in ‘The 100’ season 4, or is it still too soon?

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