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The best Liv personalities on ‘iZombie’ (so far)

iZombie is one of the best shows on TV right now. One of the biggest reasons why people are loving it so much? Liv’s numerous (and entertaining) personalities.

Part of the excitement of watching iZombie every week comes from seeing what new personality Liv will be taking on and how it affects her and those around her. Sometimes it’s hilarious, other times it’s just plain cringe-worthy, but one thing is for sure: It’s always fun to watch.

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Though there have been quite a few distinct personalities so far in the series, there are some personalities that really stand out from the others. Personalities that had quite an impact, both on the story and on our perception of Liv.

It was hard to narrow the pool of personalities down to just seven, but these truly are the best Liv personalities we’ve encountered on iZombie (so far).

Stripper brain

iZombie Liv stripper brain

In all honesty, the stripper/mobster girlfriend brain made for the most entertaining Liv personality of the whole series. While on the brain, Liv is just incredibly sassy and doesn’t take anything from anyone. Plus, the scene where she gives Peyton a lap dance (or two)? Ahhhh-mazing. Rose McIver really nails it in this performance and it shows. This is one iZombie brain that I’m going to remember for a long, long time.

Superhero brain

iZombie Liv superhero brain

What can I say? I’m a sucker for superheroes and vigilantes. Watching Liv run around in a super tight, black costume fighting crime is so surreal and so entertaining. Honestly, it’s kind of hard not to live vicariously through her vigilante personality just because she goes from zero to hero so quickly. Sure, fighting bad guys is dangerous but, when on superhero brain, Liv is kinda living the dream.

Crazy jealous brain

iZombie Liv jealous brain

So this is one of those brains that’s more uncomfortable to watch than anything, just because we all know that pretty much everything Liv does is wrong. But it’s just so hard to look away! It’s her right to question things with Major, but Liv takes things to a really unhealthy level when she invades his privacy. This may not have been the most fun brain, but it is definitely one of the most effective ones (especially in terms of plot).

Maternal brain

iZombie Liv maternity brain

Liv mothering anyone and everyone is absolutely hilarious! It definitely takes her relationship with my love, Ravi, to a whole other level. It’s also nice to see Liv be a little more emotional. In her current situation, she has to hold back a lot and really hide quite a few of her feelings. But when she’s on the maternal brain, we get to see another side of her.

Grumpy old man brain

iZombie Liv grumpy old man brain

Liv’s personality on the grumpy old man brain is practically flawless. The only thing that would have made her even more convincing would have been her yelling “Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!” at some point. With some brains, a lot of Liv’s normal personality shines through, but the grumpy brain all but takes over. It’s amazing. Favorite grumpy old Liv line? “Oh, brush the sand out of your crack and relax. I’m just busting your chops, flatfoot.” Classic.

Frat bro brain

iZombie Liv frat bro brain

Who knew that Liv would make for such a great frat bro? Watching her take shots, yell “Bro!”, and fraternize with the guys is nothing short of amazing. And then there’s her homemade police tape dress, which is actually pretty stylish if you give it a good look. Frat bro brain is definitely one of the best brains Liv has ingested so far just because they made the episode absolutely hilarious. It’s kind of wrong, but I’d love to see another frat bro die on the show just to have “Frat Bro Brain Liv” back again.

Super horny writer brain

iZombie Liv horny writer brain

Liv’s personality, not Kristen Bell’s lovely erotica narration, really steals the show in this episode. Her not being able to “keep it in her pants” is downright hilarious and way she interacts with Ravi is absolute gold. I don’t think I could do more than one episode of a super horny Liv Moore, but I’m so happy that we got at least one. This personality is just so different from how Liv normally is that it really puts more of her actual personality in perspective.


Which of the Liv personalities has been your favorite so far on ‘iZombie’?

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