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‘Into the Badlands’ season 2 arrives in March and it looks better than ever

Into the Badlands season 2 finally has a release date thanks to an amazing new trailer that highlights The Widow.

We haven’t had any new episodes of Into the Badlands since December 2015, but next month that’s all about to change. When the show comes back on March 19, expect it to pack a more powerful punch.

At the end of season 1, our heroes (and some of the villains) were each carted off in different directions — some of their own volition, and some against their will. When they return this year, expect to see different sides to each of them.

If you want to know what some of your favorite characters will be up to in season 2, check out our exclusive teaser article for what’s to come. If you want to delve even deeper, you can also read through our individual interviews with Aramis Knight (M.K.), Emily Beechum (The Widow), and Oliver Stark (Ryder).

The trailer that brought us the Into the Badlands season 2 premiere date also brought us some excellent new footage, which focused especially on The Widow’s fancy footwork. Watch it below:

The trailer begins and is interspersed with The Widow practicing on a set of mannequins dressed remarkably like Baron Quinn’s clippers. Since this video is titled, “The Widow’s Vengeance,” it’s not hard to guess who she’s going after. At the end of season 1, Quinn was wounded, perhaps fatally so, and Ryder is likely to take his place as Baron. It seems certain he’ll be facing off with The Widow sooner rather than later.

Tilda gets an updated look in this trailer as well. Instead of being one of The Widow’s butterflies, simply dressed in blue, she’s got her own badass outfit that tells us The Widow has put a lot more trust (and power) in her hands. Considering Tilda’s budding relationship with M.K., though, it’s anyone’s guess where the up-and-comer’s loyalty will be in the end.

We also get a shot of what I can only guess are some of the other Barons. We know we’ll be meeting some more of them this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how the power dynamics play out. The woman in white seems to be heavily featured in this promo, so she’s likely one to keep and eye on.

We know The Widow’s husband used to be Baron and that the other Barons didn’t recognize her status when she decided to take up the title for herself. This could explain the obvious tension when she waltzes into the room with the others Barons. The greatest tension seems to be between her and Ryder, however, as we see his men attacking her on multiple fronts (though she and Tilda don’t seem to have much trouble holding their ground).

Ryder’s men also attack a meeting of the Barons, and though we don’t know the final outcome, The Widow and Tilda do seem to be the last ones standing. We also get another look at Waldo, Quinn’s former Regent, who The Widow and Tilda are both protecting and who is also wearing her trademark blue color. Could his betrayal be the reason why Ryder’s men are attacking the meeting?

I want to take a moment here to pause and show one of the series’ many behind the scenes videos detailing the actors going through fight camp. I’m always impressed with the way Into the Badlands handles its female characters, making them as strong and as cunning as the men, and this little featurette is an excellent insight into that.

The above trailer also gave us a few hints as to what Sunny and M.K. are up to, but we see them featured more prominently in the promo entitled, “Sunny Is Ready for a Fight.”

This one approaches the new footage in a similar way to The Widow’s: we see Sunny practicing some of his skills while he thinks about what he’s fighting for. In this case, it’s Veil and their newborn child. They’ve been separated and all Sunny cares about is getting back to them. Given the training video above, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing Veil showing off her own abilities in season 2!

Sunny’s promo also gives us a look at a new character named Bajie, played by Nick Frost, who is apparently always looking for a quick score and has some questionable morals. It seems like he’ll be adding a slice of humor to the second season, but don’t expect him to only be cracking jokes. It looks like he’s got some slick moves, too.

M.K. is training with the monks to control his powers, and the mountainous backdrop is a beautiful change in scenery from the usually flat and somewhat barren landscape we’re used to. Ryder’s mother Lydia is also featured in this promo, and even though she’s back with her father, a leading priest, she’s still getting blood on her hands.

If you’ve yet to see it, this trailer from last month also gives us a good overview of what we can expect from Into the Badlands season 2. “Maybe all I’ve known is killing,” Sunny says, “but I know that’s not all there is.”

In case you were wondering if season 2 could possibly be as good as season 1, let these trailers leave you assured that it might be even better.

‘Into the Badlands’ season 2 returns on March 19 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC

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