When asked what they can tease us about their characters from Into the Badlands season 2, this is what a few members of the cast had to say.

Into the Badlands season 2’s 10-episode run doesn’t air until Spring 2017, but when we spoke with Oliver Stark (Ryder), Emily Beecham (The Widow), and Aramis Knight (M.K.), we couldn’t help but ask them to preview what’s coming next for their characters.

What can you tease us about your character moving forward into season 2?

Oliver Stark:

Into the Badlands Ryder

I will say that Ryder is one of the only characters that starts season 2 in a better position than at the start of season 1. We start six months after the end of season 1, and I would say he’s starting in a better place than we’ve seen him so far, and it’s about whether or not he can hang onto that.

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Emily Beecham:

into the badlands the widow 2

In season 2, [The Widow] becomes a lot more established. She starts getting taken a lot more seriously. She’s more confident in how to achieve her goals and her force is becoming a lot stronger, in more ways then one. …I made that sound very ambiguous and very serious [laughs]. You start to also discover more about her. She pretty much remains quite mysterious in season 1, and you start to discover more about her and her history and her past. [You also] start seeing it all advance what she’s trying to achieve and start moving along, and it starts having a big effect in the Badlands. That’s satisfying to play and to develop.

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Aramis Knight:

into the badlands mk 2

I think you see huge evolution in M.K. From season 1 to season 2, six months have elapsed in the Badlands, so every character is in a completely different place. If you watched the six episodes [of season 1], we all end up in very different geological locations, too. You see other parts of the Badlands as well as you see other story arcs and new characters introduced. I think you see growth in M.K. where he was very much a pupil, sort of a disciple, in season 1. He’s really forced to step it up and be a leader in season 2, so I’m excited for everybody to see that.

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Two clips have been released for season 2, which you can watch below:

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