5:30 pm EST, November 17, 2015

‘Gotham’ shippers are freaking out about Nygma and Penguin

Last night on Gotham, Nygma and Penguin grew closer, and shippers everywhere are freaking out at what this could mean.

After getting shot in the shoulder by Tabitha, Penguin fled to the forests in Gotham to hide away. Nygma also happened to go to the same woods to hide the body of his dead girlfriend, who he had accidentally killed. Even though he found Penguin so weak he couldn’t stand, Nygma decided to help him. In order to nurse Penguin back to health, Nygma brought him back to his apartment in the city.

Last night on Gotham season 2, episode 9, “A Bitter Pill to Swallow,” we saw Nygma reveal his new persona to Penguin. Nygma told Penguin all about the murders he had committed and his hopes to embrace this new lifestyle, but now Nygma wants Penguin’s help to learn the ropes, so to speak.

Too bad Penguin is not only in bad shape from the gun wound, but he’s also feeling defeated that his mother is dead. Penguin’s burning desire for revenge seems to have fizzled out and now he only wants to leave the city.

Nygma takes it upon himself to pick Penguin back up again, and everything that passed between them has sent Nygma and Penguin shippers into a frenzy.

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Here are some of our favorite fan reactions from social media:


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What was your reaction to Penguin and Nygma’s growing friendship on ‘Gotham’?

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