9:15 pm EST, November 16, 2015

‘Gotham’ 2×09 review: Nygmobblepot is born

Gotham season 2, episode 9, “A Bitter Pill to Swallow,” just finished airing. Read our review and find out what happened when Nygma nursed Penguin back to health.

Penguin wakes up in a strange place with Nygma leaning over him, but he’s quickly injected with a drug and passes out while Nygma pronounces that they have a big night ahead of them.

Gotham 2x09 A Bitter Pill to Swallow Nygma

The next time Penguin rises, Nygma has some fresh water waiting for him. He explains the reason he was drugging Penguin was because of his injuries. Penguin still wants to leave, but Nygma insists he wouldn’t be able to get far with his injuries. Especially since the GCPD is after him.

Plus Nygma has another reason for wanting Penguin to stay with him: He thinks it’s fate they crossed paths again. And Nygma even admits he’s started killing people and likes it. He wants advice and guidance from Penguin because he feels like murder has bloomed in him and he can’t go back. Penguin doesn’t think he has anything to offer, though. His empire is in ruins and his mother is dead.

Gotham 2x09 Penguin

Before Penguin can convince Nygma he’s worthless, he passes out again. And while Penguin was asleep, he talked about how Galavan murdered his mother. Nygma abducts Mr. Leonard, one of Galavan’s former employees, in order to cheer Penguin up. Penguin is surprised to learn that Galavan was recently arrested by Gordon, but only wants to rest and then leave the city.

The pair start to grow closer when Penguin shares a story about his mother to Nygma. Things get a little out of hand when Nygma says Penguin’s mother was only a weakness. Of course, Penguin is outraged and ready to kill Nygma for that offense, but Nygma explains that now Penguin doesn’t have to answer to anyone but himself, and that makes him free.

Gotham 2x09 Nygma

By the end of the episode the pair are getting along fabulously, enjoying some take out, music, and even getting around to killing Galavan’s employee.

At this moment, it seems like Penguin needs Nygma more than the other way around. Not only is Penguin physically weak, but also emotionally. After his plan to kill Galavan failed, he seems to have given up, but Nygma seems to have just the right advice to get Penguin back on his feet.

And then, hopefully, Nygma can also learn from Penguin. This might be Penguin’s chance to have a true friend, someone that believes in him and wants to see him succeed. We can’t wait to see what happens next for Nygmobblepot on Gotham!

Also worth noting:

  1. Barbara Kean remains in a coma and is being transferred back to Arkham.
  2. Captain Barnes nearly dies when an assassin comes after Gordon.
  3. Selina visits Bruce again to prove that Silver is bad news.
  4. Father Creel welcomes the rest of the family to Gotham to go after Bruce.

What do you think of Nygma and Penguin’s new friendship on ‘Gotham’?

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