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7 reasons to appreciate ‘Gilmore Girls’ season 7 despite it being terrible

With the Netflix release of Gilmore Girls last October, the rise of comedic podcast Gilmore Guys, and the recent cast reunion at the ATX Television Festival, Gilmore fans have been clamoring for more material from creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Her abrupt exit after Gilmore Girls season 6 in 2006 may have saved her sanity, but left fans to grumble on toward an alternate series finale, one vastly less satisfying than anything Sherman-Palladino planned.

Instead of tearing this sore subject apart, let’s appreciate the good. There must be something enjoyable about those last morsels of the cultural phenomenon. Here are seven mostly convincing reasons for lifelong fans and newbies alike to give that final season a break. If you’re watching for the first time, it’s spoiler-free!

Rory is as dynamic as ever


Alexis Bledel plays a strong female character, and season 7 is no exception. She is a role model for young women as a goal-setting bookworm who isn’t afraid of her own aspirations. This season she struggles with how to prioritize her career, something to which many young adults in relationships can relate.

Zach and Lane’s horrendous sex on the beach is not sexy

Poor Zach and Lane. There’s a lot of resentment from their marriage consummation and it’s unpleasant, to say the least. They deserve to be happy.

April is a sweetheart and deserves a peaceful relationship with her dad

Luke is a new and loving dad. Yes, he’s made some mistakes, but nothing that can’t be fixed. What more does he have to prove to be a permanent part of April’s life?

Mrs. Kim needs to take a final chill pill

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Lane is rebellious. Mrs. Kim is strict. It’s a love-hate relationship we’ve seen fluctuate for the length of the show. Season 7 is wonderful at telling us things we already know. This is one story we want to see resolved. All we want is a harmonious mother and daughter relationship like our beloved Lorelai and Rory. Is that possible?

OG music cues are back!

If you’ve ever seen a Gilmore Girls episode, you’re familiar with the haunting acoustic cues from indie artist Sam Phillips. She is the lifeblood of the Gilmores, floating above the scenes as our emotional guide. Season 7 is void of her classic la-la-la’s until you near the end. It’s worth that, if nothing else.

Edward Herrmann

Okay, we’ve all taken moments of silence. Let’s honor him and his legacy by sticking it out to the end.

Um… Luke and Lorelai

Will they? Won’t they? Regardless of what Sherman-Palladino had in mind, their relationship has always been a tearjerker and this season is no different. Open Netflix (or your dust-collecting season 7 dvds) and go grab the tissues.

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