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100 questions ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 needed to answer – so did they?

Obviously the most important question is Gendry's whereabouts.

Update (August 29, 2017): Hypable originally published this article — originally filled with the 100 questions — in 2016. Now that Game of Thrones season 7 has finished airing, let’s look back at the questions we had a year ago and see what did and didn’t get answered.

  1. How long will Cersei’s reign last?
    Answer: Too long.
  2. Will the city revolt against her?
    Answer: Apparently not.
  3. When will Cersei die?
    Answer: Not soon enough.
  4. Will Arya be the one to kill her?
    Answer: Hopefully. Let her personally cross more names off her list.
  5. Will Jaime kill her, ala the Mad King?
    Answer: Maybe. Or maybe Arya with Jaime’s face.
  6. Who’s going to clean up the mess that is King’s Landing?
    Answer: MAGIC.
  7. game-of-thrones-king's-landing-wildfire

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  8. Will Cersei and Jaime try for another baby?
    Answer: They didn’t exactly try for another baby, but they’re having one anyway! Unless Cersei is lying…
  9. Will Arya reunite with the Hound and the Brotherhood?
    Answer: The Hound and the Brotherhood didn’t even talk about her with Jon, fat chance on them meeting.
  10. What are the Brotherhood Without Banners’ plans?
    Answer: It seems they want to end the White Walker invasion. How they plan to do that is still very unclear.
  11. Will the Hound get to kill his brother?
    Answer: He got to literally face off with him, but no sparring.
  12. Are we ever going to see the Mountain’s face?
    Answer: But do we even want to see his face?
  13. Is Qyburn going to resurrect anyone else?
    Answer: He’s probably going to try and learn that White Walker magic.
  14. game-of-thrones-qyburn

  15. Is Lady Stoneheart a fanatic’s dream, or will we actually see her?
    Answer: There’s still one more season! There’s still time! Right, guys?! Right?
  16. Will Varys get his little birds back?
    Answer: Does Varys even care about getting his little birds back?
  17. How will he feel when he finds out Qyburn is using them to murder people?
    Answer: See #14.
  18. When will Dorne be interesting?
    Answer: Now, because the important Dornish are all dead.
  19. Why will the Dornish support Dany?
    Answer: Because Varys. What other reason do you need?
  20. Is Jaqen’s story over?
    Answer: Unless the Faceless Men are going to join the war, probably.
  21. Who will Arya kill next?
    Answer: Kill all the Freys!
  22. Did Arya pick up baking tips from Hot Pie?
    Answer: Probably.
  23. game-of-thrones-arya-stark-walder-frey

  24. What does Frey pie taste like?
    Answer: Justice and victory.
  25. How many faces did Arya bring with her?
    Answer: A satchel full of faces.
  26. Where does Arya keep her faces?
    Answer: Her purse, duh. Where else does a girl keep stuff?
  27. Is she going to take Walder Frey’s face?
    Answer: Oh yeah.
  28. Will Arya meet up with Jon and/or Sansa?
    Answer: No/yes.
  29. Where is this teleporter that’s getting people around?
    Answer: Don’t even get me started.
  30. How is the Citadel library organized?
    Answer: The Tarly Decimal system.
  31. game-of-thrones-citadel-library

  32. Is Sam ever going to leave that library?
    Answer: You bet. He’s going to go where he’s appreciated, and get his degree once the war is done.
  33. Will he leave in time for the White Walker fight?
    Answer: Not the first one, but there’ll be more opportunities.
  34. Is Randyll Tarly going to come after Sam to get his sword back?
    Answer: You have to be alive to do that.
  35. Is Gendry going to show up?
    Answer: Yes!
  36. Will he run into Brienne and Pod on the water?
    Answer: No!
  37. Will Bronn’s ship sail?
    Answer: Not yet!
  38. game-of-thrones-brienne-jaime-lannister

  39. Will we ever find out what Pod’s lovemaking technique is?
    Answer: It remains the biggest mystery of the series.
  40. What will Tormund’s next wooing technique be?
    Answer: Telling everyone he knows that he likes her.
  41. Is Nymeria still alive, somewhere?
    Answer: Nymeria lives on!
  42. Could she be gathering an army of wolves to help in the big fight?
    Answer: Nymeria lives on with a pack of wolves!
  43. Where did Ghost go?
    Answer: You can’t see ghosts, people!
  44. Where is Stannis’ body?
    Answer: Does anyone even want to guess what Ramsey might have done with it?
  45. Could he still be alive?
    Answer: Only in a memory.
  46. game-of-thrones-stannis-baratheon

  47. Which families won’t be wiped out?
    Answer: So far so good except for Tyrell, Martell, and Baratheon. But Sam and Gilly better get a move on if the Tarly line isn’t to die out.
  48. Will Theon join the Unsullied?
    Answer: Technically no. But he’s aligned with them, so technically yes?
  49. How is Edd handling manning Castle Black?
    Answer: We’ve been seriously deprived of Edd this season, but it’s a safe bet he loves leading less than Jon.
  50. Where will the dragons rest during the journey across the sea?
    Answer: Apparently dragons don’t rest on journeys across a sea.
  51. Will Dany and co sail into Euron along the way?
    Answer: Euron sailed into them, but it still counts!
  52. How does Euron plan to build 1000 ships when the Iron Islands have no trees?
    Answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  53. How is Meera supposed to get Bran to the Wall without a horse or sled?
    Answer: By dragging him and then being dismissed without ceremony as if she hasn’t (probably) thrown out her back and almost died doing so.
  54. game-of-thrones-bran-stark-meera-reed

  55. Is the Reed family ever going to make an appearance, outside of Meera and Jojen?
    Answer: Aside from seeing young Howland in a Bran-vision, it’s not looking promising.
  56. Will Westeros be ruled entirely by women?
    Answer: HA!
  57. Who’s going to sit the Iron Throne?
    Answer: The second biggest mystery of the series.
  58. Will there even be an Iron Throne to sit in?
    Answer: Whoever wins should just get rid of it, it’s so uncomfortable.
  59. Does Jon want the Iron Throne?
    Answer: Jon wants to live, has he not made that clear yet?
  60. Will Jon find out who his real parents are?
    Answer: Gods dammit, Bran!
  61. game-of-thrones-ned-lyanna-stark

  62. Will we see Rhaegar in a flashback/Bran vision?
    Answer: Big yes! I can’t be the only one who thinks he looked a lot like Viserys.
  63. Will Syrio Forel pull a Benjen and make a sudden appearance?
    Answer: Better question: Will we ever stop asking this?
  64. Will Jon and the North align with Dany and her crew?
    Answer: Jon pledged in more ways than one, am I right?
  65. Does the Iron Bank ever make people pay back their loans?
    Answer: They certainly try.
  66. Is anyone going to give Edmure a get out of jail free card?
    Answer: Who?
  67. Is ANYONE going to survive winter and/or the White Walkers?
    Answer: Would it be so bad if the White Walkers wiped out Westeros and it had to start over?
  68. Will Baelish fight Jon for power of the North?
    Answer: Yes, but in his sneaky, indirect way.
  69. Why does Sansa not trust Jon?
    Answer: Girl was playing the game.
  70. Will Sansa change her mind and marry Baelish?
    Answer: Did Baelish ask this question?
  71. game-of-thrones-sansa-stark-petyr-baelish

  72. Only to strategically have him killed so the Eyrie is hers?
    Answer: Sansa finally killed the goose that raised her.
  73. Are Sansa and Jon going to marry?
    Answer: Y’all Jon/Sansa shippers are cracked.
  74. When will incest stop being a thing?
    Answer: When Varys grows hair.
  75. Who will Daenerys strategically marry?
    Answer: Jon, mayhaps?
  76. Or will she marry for love?
    Answer: Why not both?
  77. Is Sansa pregnant with Ramsay’s baby?
    Answer: Remember when everyone thought this was a thing that would happen?
  78. Where will the Wildlings go now?
    Answer: Eastwatch.
  79. Will Tormund make them stick with Jon?
    Answer: Of course! Tormund wouldn’t desert his buddy.
  80. What’s Salladhor Saan been up to?
    Answer: Probably in some brothel.
  81. game-of-thrones-salladhor-saan-davos

  82. Are any of the Slaver’s Bay of Dragons cities going to achieve peace?
    Answer: If Dany doesn’t care anymore, why would anyone else?
  83. Is Daario actually going to stay in Meereen until it’s settled?
    Answer: Seeing as we haven’t seen him, it seems likely.
  84. Where is Jorah?
    Answer: At which point in time? He’s currently on his way to Winterfell.
  85. Is he a stoneman yet?
    Answer: Nope.
  86. Will he find a cure for greyscale?
    Answer: He found Sam, who found a book that had a cure. #reading
  87. Will Jorah and Lyanna have a Mormont reunion?
    Answer: You can’t always get what you want.
  88. Can we please have more Lyanna Mormont?
    Answer: Sure, but not much.
  89. game-of-thrones-lyanna-mormont

  90. Who will continue Davos’ reading and writing lessons?
    Answer: Ever heard of self-taught?
  91. Will Davos and Gilly take lessons together?
    Answer: No.
  92. How old is Melisandre?
    Answer: Old af.
  93. Can Melisandre make herself look like anyone, or just a younger version of herself?
    Answer: Jury is still out.
  94. Where will Melisandre go?
    Answer: Essos, but not before leaving cryptic and scary prophecies that make Varys crap his pants.
  95. Will Jon change his mind and send for her when the White Walkers arrive?
    Answer: He hasn’t yet. Who knows what will happen now that they’ve crossed the Wall.
  96. Are the White Walkers finally going to converge on Westeros?
    Answer: I’m on my way, walking at 5 down these old frosty lanes!
  97. game-of-thrones-white-walkers

  98. Do White Walkers bring winter, or do White Walkers follow winter?
    Answer: Some questions are just meant to be unanswered.
  99. Will Essos be at all affected by winter?
    Answer: Climate change is fake news.
  100. Since White Walkers can’t cross water, is Essos safe from them?
    Answer: Don’t they have enough problems over there?
  101. If so, will Westerosi people try to move to Essos?
    Answer: It’s the smart move at this point.
  102. Why can’t White Walkers cross water?
    Answer: They can’t swim.
  103. How will the White Walkers get passed the Wall?
    Answer: Undead, ice-breathing dragon.
  104. Will the Wall come tumbling down?
    Answer: In the city that we love. Great clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above.
  105. game-of-thrones-the-wall

  106. Will it be because of Bran’s mark from the Night’s King?
    Answer: For once something that wasn’t Bran’s fault.
  107. Or will the Horn of Joramun finally make an appearance?
    Answer: No such luck.
  108. Will Bran warg back in time and build the Wall?
    Answer: Still a possibility.
  109. When will Bran warg into a dragon?
    Answer: Bring on the Bran/Night King mind battle!
  110. Will any of Dany’s dragons die?
    Answer: It was spoken into existence.
  111. Will there somehow be more dragons, thus entering a new dragon age?
    Answer: Maybe Illyrio has more eggs he’ll pull out of random places.
  112. Will Tyrion get to ride a dragon?
    Answer: Given the third dragon died, it’s looking less likely.
  113. Will Jon get to ride a dragon?
    Answer: Rhaegal is waiting for him.

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