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‘Game of Thrones’ scenarios faster than Gendry running to Eastwatch

You had one job, Gendry!

In Game of Thrones, time is non-linear, distance is boundless, and travel is at light speed, except when it comes to Gendry.

Gendry Waters, only living descendent of Robert Baratheon (and only living Baratheon at all, bastard or not), hasn’t been seen since escaping Dragonstone in season 3. Needless to say, we’ve been impatient for his return.

Finally, four years later, he’s back! Somehow he got himself to King’s Landing where he’s been busy forging weapons for the Lannisters, but now he’s ready to prove himself. He wants justice for his father, he wants to fight alongside his father’s best friend’s son, and he wants to make a difference in the world.

Gendry’s first mission is to join the magnificent seven beyond the Wall to catch a wight. Of course they run into trouble, quickly becoming outnumbered. The situation is dire, so someone has to run back to Eastwatch and get help. Gendry, the guy who rowed for three seasons, is the chosen one.

Considering how fast season 7 is going, it’s amazing how long it took Gendry to get back to the Wall. If you think Gendry did the best he could, here are 25 things that have happened in Game of Thrones proving otherwise.

Things faster than Gendry:

  1. Euron building 1000 ships
  2. Meera dragging Bran from Castle Black to Winterfell
  3. Sam’s apprenticeship in Oldtown
  4. Tyrion growing a beard
  5. Daenerys and the Dothraki crossing the Red Waste
  6. Gendry rowing from Dragonstone to King’s Landing
  7. The Lannisters’ losing Highgarden
  8. Varys travelling from Meereen to Sunspear and back to Meereen
  9. Cersei’s walk of shame
  10. Dany arriving in Westeros
  11. Theon’s life as Reek
  12. The fall of Baratheon house
  13. Oberyn’s vacation in King’s Landing
  14. Stannis sailing from Braavos to Castle Black
  15. Littlefinger falling in love with Sansa after Catelyn’s death
  16. Margaery marrying a new husband
  17. The dragons learning to breathe fire
  18. The Night’s Watch turning on Jon
  19. Bran dismissing Meera after arriving in Winterfell
  20. Euron sailing from Pyke to King’s Landing
  21. Ramsay’s legitimacy as a Bolton
  22. Tommen’s reign of Westeros
  23. Making Jaime’s gold hand
  24. A raven flying from Eastwatch to Dragonstone
  25. Davos learning to read

What other ‘Game of Thrones’ scenarios are faster than Gendry?

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