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Fifteen fun facts about Shailene Woodley and Theo James

Theo James

Theo James

‘Theo James’ isn’t his full name

Theo’s full name is Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis. Try saying that five times fast. We love how classy and sophisticated his full name sounds, but we can also see why he would adopt a stage name. “Theo James” just seems to roll off the tongue more comfortably. If you’re wondering about the interesting mix of cultures in his full name, it’s because he’s Greek, English, and Scottish.

He’s a man of many voices

Thanks in part to his interesting background, Theo James can do quite a few accents. His accent mastery includes British, Scottish, Southern Irish, American (perfect for his role as Four), New York American (perfect for his previous Golden Boy role), and Australian. Interestingly, if the role he’s playing requires him to use an accent, he’ll keep it throughout filming instead of jumping back and forth in between takes or shoots.

He’s a pretty talented musician

Seriously though. He’s not just another one of those actors who tries to be a musician because he can. In fact, James has stated a few times that if he wasn’t an actor, he’d consider being a musician. Personally, we think he’d be a fantastic musician. Just listen to a few of the tracks he recorded with his previous band, Shere Khan. He has a sensitive singing voice that sounds similar to the lead singer in Bastille and we can’t stop listening to it. Plus, he has some pretty great dance moves. How different would life be if we were seeing him in concert instead of on movie screens?

Theo James’ acting career was accidental

James majored in philosophy in college with no real plans for what he’d do career-wise. Sure, he had always loved music and had been in a few plays or two growing up, but he’d never thought about acting. Then, one day, his current girlfriend was auditioning for a drama school so Theo just applied for fun. It turned out that he was accepted and she wasn’t. The rest is history.

One of his most well-known roles was on ‘Downton Abbey’

While he was the lead actor in the CBS drama Golden Boy, Theo James is perhaps most recognized as being Mr. Kemal Pamuk, the Turkish Embassy diplomat (the Turk) on Downton Abbey. That’s right. He’s the one who died while in bed with Lady Mary! Though he was on the show very briefly, his role seems to have left quite an impression. A few people we met at the Chicago premiere of Divergent actually didn’t recognize James until we mentioned this role!

He’s taken on quite a few odd jobs before coming an actor

Theo James knows the value of hard work. He has worked as both a bartender and a lifeguard in the past. His most interesting job, however, was working for the National Health Service in England. While that may sound normal (or even slightly prestigious), it wasn’t pretty. His job was to go to the homes of recently deceased persons and clean up any and all body fluids they left behind. It’s pretty safe to say that being an actor is definitely a step up. No wonder why he doesn’t have a problem with long days on set. Anything’s better than cleaning up miscellaneous body fluids.

Theo James has some moves

You can add dancing to the list of Theo James’ many talents. Not just dancing with a mic stand, but actual dancing. He can dance ballet, tap, and jazz. How impressive is that? He’s a man of many skills, that Theo James.

You can catch Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Divergent, which is now in theaters!

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