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‘Freaks and Geeks’ fan predictions: What if there were a season 2?

ReWatchable is wrapping up its discussion of Freaks and Geeks and some of the hosts break down what they’d like to see from the characters in that oft-wished for season 2.

Hypable’s ReWatchable podcast has had a blast these last couple months discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of Freaks and Geeks. We brought together four superfans of the show (Brittany, Jack, Karen, and Pamela), as well as four people who had never seen the show before (Ariana, Caitlin, Danielle, and Kristen).

Using Paul Feig’s season 2 ideas as inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the hosts here to tell us what they would’ve liked to have seen from their favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters had Freaks and Geeks gone on to a second season. Will Ken and Amy stay together? How much trouble will Lindsay be in after the Grateful Dead concert? Will Bill become popular? And, most importantly, will the freaks and geeks ever amount to anything?

After you’ve read through our suggestions, hit the comments and let us know what kind of futures you envision for these characters.


Freaks and Geeks Sam

Ariana: Sam would start dating that adorable little girl from the Vampire Diaries who was always so much better than Cindy.

Brittany: Sam runs for sophomore class president and loses to the captain of the JV basketball team. There is a scandal with the voting and Bill, Neal, and Sam have to break into the school at night to prove it.

Danielle: Despite his lack of interest in athletics, Sam goes on to become one of the most popular kids in school. Known for his kindness, he becomes a Charlie Bartlett of sorts (with advice, not drugs) and helps kids find somewhere where they fit in, a skill that leads him to becoming a high school guidance counselor. Sam dates and ends up marrying Maureen with the A/V club as his groomsmen (Bill and Neal obviously duke it out for “Best Man” with the winner being one of the show’s last cliffhangers).

Kristen: After a summer chock full of goofing off with his buddies, Sam starts his sophomore year ready and willing to make this one better than the last. Sure, freshman year wasn’t all bad, but since his sister pulled a fast one on their parents over the summer, he is determined to cause as little trouble as possible.

Pamela After going through the whole fiasco with Cindy, Sam gets his just rewards and finally gets to date a nice girl. He inflicts a “no hickeys” rule on all his future girlfriends because Cindy has scarred him for life.


Freaks and Geeks Lindsay

Brittany: Lindsay comes home from her tour of the Dead and accepts her punishment. She returns to McKinley, sans green jacket, and returns to her rightful place next to Millie at lunch. However, Millie has a new boyfriend that she met at church camp over the summer. His name is probably Tad. Lindsay goes back to Nick, Daniel, Ken, and Amy. Her taste of freedom left no impression on her whatsoever.

Danielle: Lindsay returns from her Grateful Dead tour not with a sense of peace, but with regret for wasting her time. The first two shows were relaxing, but she couldn’t handle it after that. Though she remains friends with the Freaks, Lindsay navigates back to her old self, becoming both high school and college valedictorian. Lindsay goes on to study political science at the University of Michigan and become a human rights activist/politician.

Jack: When she gets back she will try to still balance life as a freak and life as a geek. However, she will work hard on her grades and prioritize to the point that she will unintentionally motivate the freaks. I also think she will play a huge role in helping them with their future plans, almost similar to how they were discussing their future plans when she went back to the geek side for an episode.

Kristen: Her parents were NOT happy to hear that she skipped out on the Academic Summit, and grounded her the minute she returned from her Deadhead touring and broke the bad news. Suffice it to say, her summer vacation was not wine and roses after her return. She spent the majority of it working at her father’s store and trying to get back in her parents’ good graces. Now that school is back in session, Lindsay is ready to embrace her senior year and start getting ready for life after high school. She has actually started to look forward to college, what with its lack of parental supervision and freedom to live her life as she sees fit. She still hangs out with the freaks, but Millie eats lunch with them too.

Pamela: Lindsay’s Grateful Dead tour is cut short when her parents somehow find out what she’s done, track her down, and bring her straight home. When school starts back up again, Lindsay falls back in line with the Freaks, but also learns to make time for Millie, too. She, Kim and Millie are pretty much besties for the duration if their McKinley days. A brain to the core, Lindsey graduates top of her class and ends up going to a good school.


Freaks and Geeks Neil

Brittany: After being fired on his second shift at Harold’s sporting goods store, Neal auditions for the school’s fall production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and falls in love with the props girl who laughs at his jokes.

Danielle: Neal doesn’t change much. Once the geeks reach college age and he moves away from home, Neal never returns to live with his parents. He has a hard time meeting and wooing women in college because he’s haunted by Lindsay’s constant denials and his parents’ relationship problems. Neal tries his luck as an actor and comedian, but finds a real passion in psychology.

Jack: I really hope the storyline with his cheating dad continues and that we get some kind of progression into what is going on with his family and more conversations with his mom so we can tell where she is in the situation. Maybe she leaves her husband and he leaves the family for a bit and Neal is conflicted on who he will need to go with/gets custody of him.

Kristen: All his focus is on getting to that elusive 16th birthday and getting his driver’s license. He’s not the best driver, though, so there’s a lot of practicing in abandoned parking lots with his brother and parents, where a lot of curbs have been run over.

Pamela: In an effort to follow in the footsteps of his comedic idols, Neal jumps headfirst into the drama club. Sadly, no one recognizes his full potential, so he quits in favor of picking up the mantle of the McKinley High mascot once more. Bill totally puts in a good word with Vicky to get Neal the gig.


Freaks and Geeks Bill

Ariana: I think it would be funny if Vicki (my spirit animal) started dating Bill on the DL — like she would be super embarrassed that she was into him, but then they would make out in broom closets and go on dates to the opera. Obviously, once Vicki realized that Bill was good at sports (like they said in the Vanity Fair article) she would use her neurotic-Nazi cheerleader skillz to push him to practice all the time, and they would become a teen power couple.

Brittany: Bill serves as Sam’s campaign manager and succeeds in overturning the scandal that caused him to lose. He goes home neither excited nor disappointed and watches Dallas.

Danielle: After going through puberty, Bill suddenly becomes one of the most attractive guys at McKinley. Moreover, his height and will to succeed help him become a talented basketball player (which then makes him super popular). He never loses his humble nature, though, and remains close friends with the rest of the geeks. Bill goes to college for business and becomes a successful talent agent who also happens to show up in Bill Murray movies from time to time.

Kristen: Bill is still awesome. Having caught on to how funny his friends find him, he has begun to dream about a career in stand up comedy. If only he can get over the terror he feels every time he stands up in front of a large crowd. Sam and Neal are determined to help him conquer it, though.

Pamela: Bill totally becomes the next Harris and acts as a spirit guide for the next generation of geeks to walk the halls of McKinley. After the fated make-out party, he and Vicki date in secret for a while before Bill ends up breaking up with her because he’s still young and doesn’t want to be tied down. Neal, of course, is distraught because Bill decides to dump the hottest cheerleader in school — he totally takes the split harder than Bill ever does.


Freaks and Geeks Daniel 2

Ariana: I want to see Daniel keep hanging out with the geeks and acting as a sort of big brother-type mentor to them during AV club.

Brittany: Daniel throws himself into his vocational classes, realizing that his college options are limited academically, but trade school is not out of the question. He cries over Kim Kelly once, then moves on.

Danielle: Daniel finds that he really excels in the trades. He begins to take classes like autoshop and woodshop, and remains in A/V, despite the fact that it’s seen as “uncool.” After graduating from high school a few years late, Daniel enrols in night classes at a trade school so he can still become a mechanic while being around to help his parents. Though he’d rather not have familial obligations, Daniel’s happy and his friends are happy for him.

Kristen: Playing Dungeons and Dragons with the geeks has turned Daniel on to a whole new world of fun. After a summer full of D&D, he now hosts the largest Dungeons and Dragons event in all of Michigan, and, thanks to some financial advice from Mr. Rosso, is thinking about turning it into some sort of business.

Pamela: Daniel does all right and kind of cruises through the rest of school. Kim tries to convince him to give college a shot but ultimately, he decides higher education just isn’t for him. Daniel and the Geeks get together to go to the local comic convention every year — his introduction to D&D back in high school was pretty much like a gateway drug and he’s been engrossed in fantasy and sci-fi ever since.


Freaks and Geeks Nick

Brittany: Nick realizes that while disco dancing is fun, his relationship with Sara is not who he sees himself with for his senior year. He takes up a new passion, pottery, and for a while considers a career path in the arts.

Danielle: Nick continues to flounder at school until Ken’s girlfriend Amy suggests he join band. Nick joins percussion in band and, since he has an outlet for his creativity, his grades begin to pick up and his dad eases off of him a bit. Nick ends up convincing his dad to let him go to the University of Michigan where he joins the marching band. However, he’s still undecided about his future so he majors in communications. He and Lindsey never date again, but it’s for the best.

Jack: He ends up working hard on his schoolwork. I genuinely think he would get his act together and work hard to complete school with a decent grade. He would realize his potential and create opportunities from his hard work, for after school.

Kristen: Disco may have died, but Nick still keeps it going strong in his basement when no one’s home. He breaks out his “Staying Alive” record whenever he can, and grooves with his bad self. He and Ken double date with their girlfriends all the time and are closer than ever.

Pamela: Nick takes a gap year after college to pursue a career as a drummer. He and his band do all right but they never really make it big, so he ditches the career in professional music and ends up going back to school, studying musical theory and education in the hopes of becoming a music teacher.


Freaks and Geeks Ken

Ariana: Ken would stay with his quirky tuba girlfriend, and she would become a part of the group.

Brittany: Ken and Amy remain together for the entirety of the second season. They have no problems and remain delightfully in the background.

Danielle: Ken and Amy continue to date throughout high school. They take a break at the beginning of college to meet other people, but decide that they’re better together than apart. Ken transfers from community college to U of M where Amy attends (and plays in the marching band). Ken studies business while Amy majors in music education. They see the Freaks occasionally as a few of them attend the same university.

Jack: He and Amy will stay happy and have the best sarcastic relationship in the background. They will act as unintentional mentors to Kim and Daniel, who will STILL have an on/off relationship until the end of time.

Kristen: Ken is super happy dating his girlfriend, and as a result, started going to a lot more football games to see her play. He doesn’t have any big dreams at the moment, but he wants to go to the nearby state college that his girlfriend, Amy, is going to next year, which means he has some work to do on his grades.

Pamela: Ken is still dating Amy — they’re totally going to get married someday.


Freaks and Geeks Kim

Ariana: Millie and Kim would become best friends forever and realize they can both do better than Lindsay.

Brittany: Kim Kelly never returns. Caught up in the summer sun of Long Beach, California in late August, Kim decides that her life at home is nothing to rush back to.

Danielle: After her Grateful Dead trip with Lindsay, Kim also realizes she’d rather be challenged than bored, so she tries harder at school. Kim also finds an after school job so she can move out of her home and emancipate herself as soon as she legally can, with help from Lindsay. Kim attends community college, studying communications, and sees her friends at U of M on the weekends. She and Daniel decide to break up for good, but remain close friends.

Kristen: Kim Kelly became a total Deadhead after going on the road with Lindsay, and while they still eat lunch together and hang out occasionally, Kim spends most of her time listening to records and memorizing any and all articles she can read about the band.

Pamela: Kim cracks down and hits the books in an effort to prove to her mother and all of McKinley that she is indeed smarter than she appears. She understandably struggles a bit but in the end, she does all right with the help of Lindsay and Millie, whom she has become good friends with thanks to the whole Goliath incident. She even wins first place in a school-wide essay contest, much to the shock of her English teacher from last year.

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