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‘Freaks and Geeks’: Where are they now?

Even if you haven’t watched a single episode of Freaks and Geeks, you undoubtedly recognize at least a few of its most famous faces.

The cast of Freaks and Geeks may not have had a lot of work before the series debuted, but most of the cast have had incredible success ever since. While a few names may not be immediately recognizable, many are pretty much household names at this point. Check out what the cast has been up to in the 15 years since the short-lived series was cancelled.

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Linda Cardellini (AKA Lindsay Weir)

Linda Cardinelli bloodlines

The lady behind Lindsay Weir has had a pretty steady stream of work since Freaks and Geeks ended, with roles in every kind of project, from Brokeback Mountain to Human Giant, including stops at New Girl and Mad Men. She has a brand spanking new Netflix series coming out this week, called Bloodline, co-starring Kyle Chandler that looks insanely interesting.

John Francis Daley (AKA Sam Weir)

bones john francis daley

Work has also come pretty steadily for John Francis Daley, who has appeared in multiple series including: Judging Amy, Boston Public, and Spin City. However, his most notable role has been as Dr. Lance Sweets in Bones. Having appeared in more than 130 episodes, his character quickly became a fan favorite, and some crazy events in season 9 had fans in an absolute uproar.

James Franco (AKA Daniel Desario)

James Franco 127 Hours

Arguably the best known of the Freaks and Geeks cast, James Franco has had no shortage of interesting projects at his fingertips. Avid painter, writer of short stories (which were published as a collection in Palo Alto), and Academy Award nominee are just three titles he has added to his resume. He has worked on a vast array of projects, from the Academy Award nominated 127 Hours, to blockbusters like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and from sitcom The Mindy Project, to soap opera General Hospital. He has also collaborated numerous times with fellow Freaks and Geeks star, Seth Rogen, and the product is nearly always a bowlful of laughs.

Samm Levine (AKA Neal Schweiber)


While not a household name like Franco, Samm Levine has also been working steadily since Freaks and Geeks closed its doors. He has made a guest appearance on many a series, including NCIS, Person of Interest, and Warehouse 13, but nothing has had quite the impact that Freaks and Geeks had. His recurring role in Selfie was cut short when the show was cancelled before it could get its footing. One of the most notable jobs he’s had was in Tarrantino’s Inglourious Basterds, where he played Pfc. Hirschberg, a trigger happy member of Aldo Raine’s band of Nazi-hunting soldiers.

Seth Rogen (AKA Ken Miller)

Neighbors Seth Rogen

He’s established himself as a comedic staple, having made a nearly endless stream of them either with or without his buddy, James Franco. A few of the most noteworthy are Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, This is the End, and Neighbors. His more dramatic (or at least less slapstick/gross-out) roles have painted him as more than just the chubby, funny guy though, and we are most anxiously awaiting his take on Steve Wozniak in the Aaron Sorkin written Steve Jobs movie to be released later this year.

Jason Segel (AKA Nick Andopolis)


It’s pretty clear that when it comes to television success, Jason Segel has found it in spades since Freaks and Geeks. How I Met Your Mother not only ran for 9 seasons and more than 200 episodes, but it gave Jason Segel a fantastic place to not only hone his comedic chops but to work alongside some incredible new talent as well. Despite the success of HIMYM, he also has written and appeared in at two incredibly successful films, The Five Year Engagement and Forgetting Sarah Marshall as well as starring in a string of entertaining comedies.

Busy Philipps (AKA Kim Kelly)

Busy Phillips Cougartown

Freaks and Geeks was just the beginning for Busy Phillips, as she went on to have significant roles in Dawson’s Creek, ER, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. However, her most steady paycheck has come courtesy of Cougar Town, which, after being cancelled by ABC was picked up by TBS. The show will wrap up its sixth and final season this spring, and then Busy Phillips will be off to see where she can make her next impact.

Martin Starr (AKA Bill Haverchuck)

Martin Starr Silicon Valley

No matter who has the most name recognition or has the most notable films on their dossier, each and every member of this cast has managed to keep a successful stream of work, and Martin Starr is no exception. He made small appearances in Superbad and Knocked Up with a few of his Freaks and Geeks brethren, but his work in Silicon Valley has put him back on the map. He also has a connection to another Rewatchable show, as he appeared in the Veronica Mars movie last year.

Becky Ann Baker (AKA Jean Weir)

Gotham Becky Ann Baker

A quick glance at the filmography of the woman behind the Weir family matriarch and it’s hard not to call her one of the most successful Freaks and Geeks cast members. Sure, she may not have the immediate name recognition of Seth Rogen, James Franco, or Jason Segel, but she has worked on some of the most incredible projects. Her work includes small roles on Smash, The Good Wife, Elementary, and Gotham, as well as a more significant role in the HBO hit show, Girls. She clearly has a knack for motherly roles, as her work as both Mrs. Weir and Mrs. Horvath illustrate quite effectively.

What are some of your favorite projects that the ‘Freaks and Geeks’ cast have brought us?

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