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FanMail review: The perfect subscription box for fangirls

FanMail is one of the best fandom-centric subscription boxes you’ll ever come across. No matter what fandoms you’re a part of, FanMail truly has something for everyone. (And then some.)

(Warning: There will be spoilers for the FanMail February box. I just love it too much to keep the review spoiler-free. Sorry not sorry.)

About FanMail

FanMail is a monthly subscription box service tailored toward lady geeks. Every box is chock-full of wonderful fandom-related swag (shirts, jewelry, memorabilia, etc.) that’s curated with a different theme in mind every month. But, no matter what, each item is tied to a well-known property or fandom so you’re bound to get a box of items that you like (especially since their pool of fandoms to pull from is so large)!

One of the coolest things about FanMail is that their boxes are not only for women, but they also support female creators! Every box includes at least one item from a small business run by women.

In terms of price, FanMail is really budget-friendly. (After all, we fangirls are always strapped for cash considering how much awesome merch is out there.) While each box is worth at least $50, month-to-month subscriptions are $21.99 per month (not including shipping). You can also opt do do a 3, 6, or 12-month prepaid subscription (which makes it a bit cheaper). But, if you do the month-to-month auto renew option, you can skip boxes if you don’t like that month’s theme! Not many subscription box services offer that!

FanMail February subscription box review

FanMail February box

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I love my February FanMail box. The theme for the box is “Cracking the Case” and it really doesn’t disappoint. February’s box is filled to the brim with items celebrating some of the best spies, detectives, and secret agents within fandom. It’s all about mystery, suspense, and intrigue (which is perfect considering that I felt all of those emotions the moment I received my box and opened it!).

One of the many things I love about FanMail is that, in every box, you’ll find a pop culture newsletter. It tells you not only what’s in the box (which I did not read before going through my box so that I wouldn’t spoil myself), but also what movies, shows, conventions, and streaming entertainment is coming out that particular month that you might enjoy (which is incredibly helpful).

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That newsletter (printed on the back of an “I Want to Believe” print this month), as well as a sort of welcome letter, was the first thing to greet me when I opened my box. I really enjoy these personal touches that FanMail includes in their boxes. While these sorts of boxes have a sort of “We picked this out for you and know you’ll love it!”-touch to it, these extra cards from FanMail are an extra reminder that the pieces in the box were specifically selected with care.

FanMail box shirt and small evidence bag

But, if the two cards didn’t convey that idea, the items certainly do. While I enjoy the Funkos and fun socks I can get in other boxes, the items in my FanMail box are far more unique. Included in this month’s “Cracking the Case” box are items that cover a wide range of fandoms: Sherlock, Jessica Jones, The X-Files, and even, one of my personal favorites, Veronica Mars.

The first item I unpacked was a Sherlock shirt designed by Risa Rodil. I love the “Hounds of Baskerville” design because it reminds me of those classic book cover-like shirts you can find in specialty stores but it’s based on the show. I can’t wait to wear it out to conventions!

Next up: A small evidence bag. Inside was a small Daredevil-inspired notebook, a replica of Jessica Jones’ business card, and a Veronica Mars promo card from back when the show was still on (*tear*). Though these items may be small, their inclusion in the box is creative and thoughtful. After all, they were packaged in an evidence bag. So cool. (And I definitely plan on calling the number for Alias Investigations.)

FanMail February box items

While I was excited to see items for shows I love, I was more intrigued by the ones for shows that I haven’t even seen yet. I don’t (yet) understand the meaning or significance behind the Hannibal “Drink the Rude” mini goblet, Elementary turtle necklace, and the X-Files case file replica (designed by 10 E Under), but, if anything, the items made me more eager to check out the shows. I could have easily been turned off by these items, but FanMail chooses their items so well that it’s practically impossible not to want to keep/use everything.

I’m also excited to check out my advance copy of Kara Thomas’ novel, The Darkest Corners. I was not only one of the lucky 100 to receive an advance copy in my box, but also one of the fortunate few to receive a copy packaged in a really cool promotional evidence bag. I know absolutely nothing about the novel, but the packaging makes me really excited to check it out. Plus, it’s FanMail-approved, so it has to be good (judging from everything else in my box).

FanMail box Paper Girls #1

Though I’m a fan of everything in the box, my favorite piece in the FanMail box was buried at the bottom: A copy of Paper Girls #1. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to see that peeking out at me. I’ve been dying to start the series, so to get my hands on issue #1 in a FanMail box made me love the service even more. Their inclusion of Paper Girls #1 in the box just proves how great the FanMail curators’ taste is.

In case you can’t tell, I can’t say enough great things about FanMail. I really recommend that all fangirls take a look at FanMail’s subscription box service and try it out. (And hey, while FanMail is targeted toward fandom-loving ladies and put together by two pretty awesome geek queens, guys would enjoy these boxes just as much! Guys, if you like what you see, go for it!)

I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about FanMail. The FanMail ladies are doing excellent work and I can’t wait to see what their boxes hold in the future!

Full disclosure: I received a free February subscription box from FanMail in exchange for my review on the site.

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