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The Fandom Headlines We DO and DO NOT want to see in 2019

The world can’t get any worse in 2019, right? Let’s hope not. Here are the fandom headlines we do and definitely do not want to see in 2019.

In 2018, we wrote about the headlines we did and didn’t want to see that year, and some of them came true — for better and for worse.

For the better, Doctor Who‘s ratings sure exceeded expectations and has done exceptionally well. Infinity War also didn’t kill Steve Rogers, Frasier wasn’t rebooted at NBC, and Crazy Rich Asians did crazy well at the box office.

Unfortunately, some of our negative headlines came true, too. The Shannara Chronicles was indeed cancelled at Spike, and plenty of our once-favorite actors have been accused of sexual misconduct. Not to mention the Disney-Fox merger is still going ahead.

The universe can’t fix all our problems in a single night, but hopefully 2019 brings us more good than bad.

The fandom headlines we DO and DO NOT want to see in 2019

❌ ‘Game of Thrones’ final season reveals: This was all just a dream!

The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most highly-anticipated pop-cultural events of 2019. That, of course, comes with tremendous pressure to end the most popular series of all time in a way that simultaneously challenges, comforts, surprises, and satisfies millions of viewers. And while the creators of Game of Thrones are pretty good at what they do (give or take a little sexposition and rape) it’s all too easy to imagine this powerhouse series going out in a puff of smoke rather than a blaze of glory.

The quickest road to that fate? Selecting an ending (of the several allegedly filmed) that falls into the ruts of tropes or surprises that explode out of absolutely nowhere. Like, for example, framing the entire epic saga of Game of Thrones as the nocturnal imaginings of His Dickishness, Joffrey Baratheon.

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Is that super likely? Maybe not. But if it does happen (or the series ends in some other deflatingly dumb way) just remember — you heard it here first! — Michal Schick

✔ WB’s new streaming app announces Harry Potter TV series

Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and Amazon will have some new competition in 2019: Warner Brothers. The already announced TimeWarner-owned streaming app will debut at the end of the year, and I have to imagine they’re asking J.K. Rowling to agree to a Harry Potter TV show.

I believe now is the perfect time to reboot the Harry Potter series in the form of a TV show. Rowling doesn’t need to have any involvement in it — all WB has to do is base the show on her original seven books. For the first time since the theme parks were revealed, it’ll be an announcement that makes 100% of fans happy: The books will finally be adapted in full. All scenes, all characters, and the chance for the “Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?” line to be portrayed the way JKR wrote it. — Andrew Sims

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❌ Patrick Rothfuss delays third Kingkiller Chronicles book indefinitely

To the dismay of fans everywhere who’ve been waiting for the third installment of the Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss has come forward with an announcement stating he has no plans to finish the series. He was quoted saying “I was asked one too many times why I wasn’t working on the book, so I decided to just not. Now no one will know what happens to Kvothe, thanks to those meddling fans.” Afterwards, he shook his hand towards the sky as he shouted about editing sucking out his soul. He has since become a full time streamer on twitch. — Beth Aderhold

✔ Disney+ revives ‘Agent Carter’ for season 3

Now that Disney is not only launching their own streaming platform but also producing their own Marvel television content, there’s no time like Disney+’s launch in 2019 to bring back Agent Carter. I’ve spoken — and yelled — endlessly about how Agent Carter was one of the best things Disney/Marvel has ever done and how unfair its cancellation (not to mention its lackluster marketing) was. Though Agent Carter was a Marvel TV endeavor and rumors are currently swirling about how Marvel TV shows most likely won’t make their way to Disney+ (due to animosity between Marvel Studios, who’s Disney’s partner in Disney+, and Marvel TV), Agent Carter herself started off as a Marvel Studios character. So if anyone from Marvel TV has a chance at getting picked up/revived/renewed, it’s our best girl Peggy Carter. — Danielle Zimmerman

❌ Victoria Schwab decides to forego extending the Shades of Magic universe

After some consideration, Victoria Schwab has decided that instead of writing a new series continuation of her award winning Shades of Magic series, that she would undertake a reimagining of Twilight and Dracula as a mash-up. After making the character Alucard Emery, a pirate who is not a vampire, in the Shades of Magic series, she realized that all she subconsciously wanted was to write about historical sparkly vampires. — Beth Aderhold

✔ Disney on Broadway announces out of town run for ‘Hercules’

I’m the first to step up on my little soap box and wax poetic about how Broadway needs to step away from the movies. But seeing Hercules transfer from the screen to the stage would be a dream come true. There are risks, of course. Casting and costuming are two of my major fears, but then I think of what Phantom is able to do with the boat on stage and I am immediately recommitted to seeing Hades float down the river Styx. And if a production can make me believe I saw an entire cartoon undersea community come to life on stage, then Hercules can bring about a production with Pain, Panic, and the gods of Olympus. — Brittany Lovely

❌ Funko announces ‘Will and Grace’ Pop! Vinyls

There are thousands upon thousands of Funko Pop! figurines on the market and I have not bought a single one. Why? Because once I do there will be no stopping me. I will have to have every single Harry Potter figure. I can almost see the Parks and Rec figurines on display plying Cones of Dunshire, the cast of The Golden Girls would be enjoying a cheesecake on my kitchen table. I don’t have the space or frankly, the funds to support this collection. I’ve been tempted. And I’ve won every single battle.

However… if the cast of Will and Grace get turned into Funkos it’s all over. — Brittany Lovely

✔ Netflix drops the real final season of ‘Voltron’

Dreamworks’ Voltron season 9 could bring the alternate reality ending that fans dreamed of. After the events of season 8, fans were left bereft and confused, but all’s well that ends well in season 9, which takes place in the many alternate realities that exist in the universe. Through the eyes of the paladins we get glimpses of multiple realities, even a continuation of the one from season 8, but the final reality shown is the true one from seasons 1-7: where everyone lives and there are no rushed love interests. — Beth Aderhold

❌ J.K. Rowling reveals that Fantastic Beasts’ Zouwu is the great grandchild of Godric Gryffindor

Rowling’s Nagini announcement raised eyebrows for multiple reasons. Now, after seeing The Crimes of Grindelwald, one wonders the point of putting the well known Harry Potter-era character into the movie in the first place. In light of Fantastic Beast 2’s less-than-stellar box office returns, let’s hope Rowling doesn’t use more wild Harry Potter connections for the sole purpose of clinging to the original series. — Andrew Sims

✔ CW renews ‘Legacies’ for multiple seasons, ‘Originals’ and ‘TVD’ stars to appear

Legacies is kicking ass in its premiere season, telling interesting stories and creating a diverse, inclusive world, so it would be truly awesome to hear the CW put their full faith in the show and renew it for multiple seasons. I would love to see what Julie Plec and her fantastic writing staff can do with this show knowing that they have multiple seasons to weave their narrative and build intricate fresh mythology.

As for that second part… Listen, I know that many of the actors have said they do not wish to reprise their roles in the spinoff (and I can respect that), but it would be a real treat to loyal fans if somewhere down the road they could find it in their heart to make a cameo or two. There is such a rich history built behind Legacies, it would mean a lot to see Hope have a moment or two with her remaining family, and maybe even with the dearly departed. This is the TVD-verse after all, anything’s possible. — Kristen Kranz

❌ ‘Frontier’ cancelled after 3 seasons

Frontier has had a great run so far, and while season 4 has a lot to live up to, I think they’re more than capable of hitting the mark. But that’s only if they don’t get cancelled before they even get a chance. Frontier isn’t one of Netflix’s shows that made headlines like The Haunting of Hill House did this year, but it’s still a solid production. I’d be devastated if I didn’t get to see what happened next with Declan, Grace, Michael, Sokanon, and the others. — Karen Rought

✔ Chris Evans announces surprise engagement to Hypable writer

…It could happen… right? I mean, the photo I took with the sweetest and kindest man on the planet basically looks like an engagement photo, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we meet at some point during 2019 and embark on a whirlwind romance. So why not just make it official? — Danielle Zimmerman

❌ ‘Green Book’ wins Best Picture at the 91st Oscars

In a year with a wide variety of ambitious, genre-bending, and boundary-pushing films, the last headline we want to read after the Oscars in February is that Green Book won best picture. From the director of Dumb and Dumber and Hall Pass, Green Book sounds like a movie that should have come out two decades ago; it follows a world-class African-American pianist on a concert tour who hires a white guy to drive him through the deep south. The film is a sort of warped reimagining of Driving Miss Daisy that is ripe for Oscar bait despite the fact that it’s a shallow, misguided, and outdated story that is not just factually incorrect, but fails to measure up to many other movies released this year. — Aaron Locke

Name: Karen Rought

✔ Disney to reboot Percy Jackson movies with new creative team

There’s been talk about rebooting Percy Jackson since it was clear the third movie was never getting made. Recently, author Rick Riordan even pondered what it would look like to have Disney in charge of the new franchise. I can’t say this didn’t get my hopes up just a little bit. While I don’t hate the movies as much as everyone else does, I would like to see this story adapted in a more faithful manner. The potential for this to become a huge franchise is there, just out of reach, and I hope one day someone is brave enough to take the plunge (again). — Karen Rought

❌ Disney+ will NOT include every Disney movie and show known to man

Disney+ will debut at the end of 2019 and expectations are high. I swear to Mickey, if every damn TV show and movie Disney owns is not on this thing, I will be upset.

One of the most exciting things about Disney+ is its potential. Imagine being able to pull up any Walt Disney movie, any Disney Channel show, any DCOM, any Star Wars show/movie, any Marvel show/movie, any Pixar movie — just IMAGINE having it all in one place, accessible at any time for one low monthly rate.

I will be a lifelong subscriber to Disney+ if it includes everything Disney under its roof. Let me binge every Disney Renaissance film at any moment I please for only the cost of the Disney+ subscription. Free me from having to watch Pixar movies on Freeform, where they’re loaded with commercials and crappy, controversial Pop-Up Video-style commentary. PLEASE. — Andrew Sims

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