The CinemaSins team takes on Jurassic World in their latest “Everything Wrong With” video!

There are movies you just don’t criticize (Hook, CinemaSins? How could you?), and then there are those that, however awesome or beloved they happen to be, just need a reality check.

Whether it’s the legitimately absurd Jupiter Rising, or the universally loved Lord of the Rings saga, there are almost no movies that can’t (and shouldn’t — we take movies much too seriously sometimes) be picked apart.

Certainly, this summer’s box office smash success Jurassic World had its flaws, and this video will vindicate all your gripes about Universal’s latest monster hit:

“Why is it that every time there’s a woman who needs to find some man for a job in movies, they’ve dated before?” You said it, trailer voice guy.

The video outlines the absurd motivation of the military villain — after all, what would putting raptors in the army actually accomplish? — and questions why the kids even need to be in the movie. “At least Lex and Tim were part of the action from the get-go.”

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Jimmy Fallon gets his very own sin, as does the fact that Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) keeps the park open at all, once the Indominous Rex gets out of its cage.

“I thought you all were kidding about the heels, but goddamn” is the only commentary we get for Claire’s epic high-heel run, which somehow makes her faster than the car-outrunning T-Rex. And… that’s probably all the commentary we need.

The second Jurassic World movie is already in development, with director Colin Trevorrow back at the helm. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt will both be back for the 2018 sequel.

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