Elizabeth Peña will be joining the cast of Modern Family to play Gloria’s intimidating mother in episode 12 of season 4.

Elizabeth Peña, known for her roles in Rush Hour and La Bamba will be joining the cast of Modern Family in episode of 12 of the current season. The episode named ‘Fulgencio’ begins shooting on Monday November 5.

It is rumoured that Peña will be making an appearance due to Gloria’s pregnancy. Peña will also be joined by Stephanie Beatriz to play Gloria’s sister, Sonia.

Executive producer Christopher Lloyd commented, “There’s a bit of a competitive relationship between Gloria and her sister that will be fun. The mother is the formidable, domineering character in the family, and has a complicated relationship with Jay (Ed O’Neill). I’m not sure she’s ever completely accepted Jay, and they lock horns in the episode.”

On Wednesday November 5, episode 7 will air titled, ‘Arrested’ that sees Phil and Claire getting that dreaded midnight phone call that Haley has been arrested for under age drinking. Cameron stays over to watch Luke and Alex with some hilarious baby sitting duties, and Jay misses out on baby shopping with Gloria. Jay has a surprise visit from Dede, his ex-wife, and seeing a pregnant Gloria surely won’t go down well!

Until then, be sure to catch all of season 4 of Modern Family on ABC Wednesday 9/8c.

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