11:30 am EDT, June 21, 2018

Dylan O’Brien uploads first YouTube video in 8 years and it’s everything you hoped for

Moviekidd826 is back! Dylan O’Brien must’ve finally recovered his password for his YouTube account because he’s uploaded a new video showing us the day in the life of a Hollywood actor.

The story about how Dylan O’Brien landed the role of Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf back in 2011 is fairly well-known these days. All he had to his name was a couple of ridiculous YouTube videos (one in which he was caught singing the Spice Girls) and raw natural talent.

Now he’s got blockbusters under his belt like the Maze Runner franchise and American Assassin. He’s starred in movies like The Internship and Deepwater Horizon alongside comedy heavyweights Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, as well as the likes of Mark Wahlberg. And let us not forget about Michael Keaton.

But that doesn’t mean Dylan isn’t still a struggling actor in Hollywood. Although he uploaded it on June 20, this video was taken in the afternoon on April 19 after over nine months of being out of work.

In the video, we see Dylan moving on from Spice Girls and attempting to audition for Frozen 2. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have the right face for the project.

Such is the life of an actor. Dylan just has to learn to let it go.

Luckily, real life seems to be treating him much better. He’s got several projects lined up to star in, and hopefully many more to come after that.

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Keep hustling, Dylan. We’ll keep watching.

And we wouldn’t mind another YouTube video sometime before 2026, either.

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