Why we should have suspected all along that Minx could be Drill’s chosen child.

Last Monday’s episode of The Whispers hinted that Drill may have chosen his host child. All fingers (literally) pointed to Minx in those crazy final minutes. While there’s still some room for doubt, here are seven reasons we should probably believe that she’s the chosen one.

1. Drill warned us.

In the above clip from The Whispers season 1 pilot, Minx tells us about how Drill doesn’t think she’s ever going to turn, and that he thinks she’s special. If that’s not foreshadowing for a dark ending for Minx, we don’t know what is.

2. He’s used Minx to manipulate the other kids.

She was one of the first kids he utilized and manipulated into getting his way. She was a vital part in getting Henry into that cooling tower at the nuclear power plant, which, in turn, got him a huge dose of power that he desperately needed. It also brought Claire, Sean, Wes, and the rest of the feds there to witness Drill’s incredible power, which only made them more wary of what this invisible force could have planned for them and Earth in general.

3. She lied for him.

When faced with protecting Drill or telling the truth, Minx chose to protect Drill, making Lena look like a liar. It was hard to believe that Minx would treat her mother that way, but when we think about it, maybe it wasn’t that surprising. Drill picked his most loyal servant well, and it seems he was choosing her all along.

4. She almost got away.

If you’ve ever watched a good slasher movie, or any movie involving a person fearing for their life, there’s almost always an opportunity for the victim to escape. Minx and Lena had a chance. If they would have just stayed and boarded that cruise, Lena would still be alive, Minx would still be Minx, and Wes could run around trying to save the day without worrying about his family being at Drill’s mercy.

5. He never seems to leave her alone.

Each of the children has been used to manipulate a parent, and then has been almost abandoned by Drill. It was a very long stretch of weeks before we saw Harper after her usefulness ran out for Drill. However, along the way, Drill has never left Minx alone. He’s always come back to her when all hope seemed lost for him.

6. All fingers, literally, point to Minx as the ‘chosen one.’

The scene above from The Whispers season 1, episode 11, “Homesick” shows some pretty damning evidence. The burn on the President’s daughter’s arm, all the children citing her as the possessed one, and the way she seemed to hone in on Silas all make it seem that Minx is most definitely not just Minx anymore.

7. Something is definitely not right with her.

In case all of the evidence above wasn’t enough to persuade you, the clip from next week’s penultimate episode of The Whispers season 1 should be enough. If Minx isn’t being possessed by Drill, then something is most definitely not right with her. For Wes’ sake, we can only hope that somehow, Minx can be spared. That poor man has most definitely been through enough already.

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