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‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 11 recap: All in the name of protection

After last week’s shocking ending, we are more anxious than ever to know what Drill is up to next. Check out our recap of The Whispers season 1, episode 11.

‘The Whispers’ season 1, episode 11 recap

Wes seems almost catatonic in his suit and tie, standing surrounded by friends and family giving their condolences. The doorbell rings and the Bennigans are on the doorstep to give their most sincere apologies for the situation. Wes asks Claire to leave, citing it not being appropriate for her to be there, and she leaves without question.

We then see Wes upstairs break a mirror with his own two hands. Minx walks into the room and he consoles her while reminding her that they are going to fight to keep Drill from hurting anyone else. She isn’t feeling well. He brings her to the ER and describes her symptoms, but the nurse at the desk points to a room full of children similarly suffering.

Wes believes that all the children in the waiting room have been contacted by Drill. Dr. Maria noticed an abnormality in all of their brains. Something has been stimulated that hadn’t been before. It’s as if they’ve been marked by Drill for some reason.

After the tests, Minx asks Wes to promise her that he won’t let Drill hurt her like he did Lena. Wes promises her.

The Whispers season 1 episode 11 Homesick Minx

Claire and Sean brought Henry into the ER, and there’s a creepy man spying on them from around the corner. The lights begin flickering and Claire rushes down hallways after them. The lights suddenly stop, and Harper Weil is sitting in the room she was led to. Harper says Drill told her not to worry, and that they’ll all be better as soon as he finds Orion (or O’Ryan?).

Wes takes his newfound knowledge to the president. He wants to isolate the kids to protect them from Drill. Wes’ vehemence makes the president take him seriously. They call the isolation what it really is: quarantine.

Claire takes the information she got from Harper to Jessup to try and solve the newest Drill-related mystery. She sees a message on TV about an outbreak of encephalitis that requires the kids to be quarantined for treatment.

Each child already at the hospital is being scanned, and those that require quarantine are being taken to a separate place. When Wes doesn’t see Henry’s name on the list, he insists that they need to pick him up.

We then see the president and the first lady bringing their child to the quarantine zone to be kept safe. None of them is happy about it, but the president knows it’s necessary.

Wes arrives at the Bennigan home to see Claire, Sean, and Henry resisting the men trying to take Henry away. Wes succeeds in getting Henry in the van, but Sean promises that if anything happens to him, Wes will pay dearly.

Claire and Sean make calls to see if they can find Henry. The crisis reminds Claire of when she thought she lost Sean. She looks at a toy plane that Sean gave Henry. The star on the plane reminds her that if Drill is looking for Orion, maybe they should help him.

While Dr. Maria is on the phone at the compound trying to get to the bottom of this mystery illness, she gets some surprising data that unnerves her. She hears noises outside her work area and gets up to investigate. She yells for someone to stay away, but then gets an electric shock as the lights flicker and she falls to the floor.

Wes finds her there the next morning, dead just like Lena, only she has a burn mark on her forearm. Wes believes Drill has possessed one of the children, and none of those kids can leave until they find him.

Wes calls Claire and tells her he convinced them to let her in to assist. Claire departs immediately for the complex, leaving Sean behind. The creepy man watches and immediately makes a phone call. If he doesn’t hear from his contact in an hour, he’s going to ‘make contact.’ (Whatever that means.)

The Whispers season 1 episode 11 Homesick Henry alarmed

Claire and Wes approach the quarantine area, and Henry is glad to see his mom. Claire looks over all the kids, knowing one of them is a vessel for Drill, and it’s exceedingly creepy.

Claire interviews each and every child and asks them questions about their fears and dreams. She is trying to evaluate each for their emotional honesty, a quality that most children have in spades, but that Drill won’t be able to replicate quite as easily.

Harper is the most adorable of the interviews, as she honestly tells Claire that she dreams of not having to answer any more questions. She’s a spitfire, that one.

We see Claire interview many of the kids, including Henry, Minx, the president’s daughter, Silas, and many more. When Claire asks Silas what he fears, he gets upset.

We find out that the creepy man that followed Sean to Claire’s office is a reporter. He has been getting information from Dr. Maria, and when she stopped communicating, he was supposed to talk to Sean Bennigan. She believed she could trust him. The reporter wants to let the public know about Drill.

Silas says he knows who Drill is. He is scared to tell because Drill promised to hurt his mom if he talked. Claire just wants him to point to a picture of whichever child Drill is in. There are four pictures on the table, two of which are Henry and Minx, and Silas never confirmed that Drill hasn’t possessed either of them.

Minx starts pushing Silas around, and then continues picking on other children, including the president’s daughter, who now has the same burn mark on her arm that Dr. Maria had. Silas points to Minx, and then all of the other children follow suit.

Do you think Minx is truly the possessed child? And if she is, can they save her?

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