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‘Doctor Who’ finale: ‘It’s a complete game changer’

As Doctor Who gets closer to the series seven finale Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, and Steven Moffat have opened up a bit more about what we might expect, including new monsters, Clara’s mystery and a total game changer for the series.

In an interview with the BBC the current Doctor, Matt Smith, and his companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman reflect on how it was to work with Diana Rigg and her daughter on “Crimson Horror” as well as what’s to come in the future of the series seven finale. While we’re definitely excited for every upcoming episode, we’re most excited for the finale, especially since Coleman stated it leads directly into the 50th anniversary special, next year.

Coleman had even more to say about the finale in this interview, stating, “The finale story is such a fantastic idea; it’s epic and huge and filled with drama. It was really exciting to sit down and read the script. There are little bits and pieces which Steven planted a couple of years ago. It’s just really clever and a crucial moment in the Doctor’s life that you get to explore with the best baddies! I really think they are going to become another Moffat classic!” When asked about the finale and Clara’s mystery, Coleman stayed quiet but shared a tantalizing teaser, “All I can say is that Clara hasn’t just met the Doctor three times before…”

Smith also had a few exciting things to say about the finale, as well as the 50th, “With the 50th this is going to be by far the biggest year in the history of the show. And the finale is just the start. It focuses on a pivotal moment in the Doctor’s life and the life of his companion…” He goes on to state, “It’s a complete game changer, and it all starts now!”

Even Steven Moffat opened up a bit when asked about the finale’s monsters and what the 50th has in store for the rest of the series. The series seven finale has new monsters called the Whisper Men, created by Moffat, and when asked what inspired him to create these monsters he replies, “The great dilemma is that Doctor Who is never more like Doctor Who when it is introducing a new monster, but equally when it’s reviving a foe from the classic era. Having brought back two of the classics, the Ice Warriors and the Cybermen, this year we wanted a brand new monster to create chills in the finale. And the thought of stylish, whispering, almost faceless creatures was an idea that firstly scared me and that I thought would work well in an episode that looks forward and back.”

When asked what he could tell us about the finale he responded, “It’s full of surprises and questions that have never been answered in the history of Who, including the Doctors greatest secret. We’re not pretending, we’re not kidding, it’s actually going to happen. The episode is called ‘The Name of the Doctor’ and involves our hero in a conflict that is very, very personal to him. Usually he’s saving other people, but this time he might be the one who needs to be saved. We’ll also find out what makes his new companion so impossible and there’s a surprise that no one has got right so far, and one that will change the course of Who forever!”

While we’re so excited to finally find out Clara’s mystery and glad that it won’t be held off until next season, we’re weary about how it’ll “change the course of Who forever.” Is this going to be a good change? One can always hope that it will be, but there are chances that with these new changes you’ll have a ton of unhappy fans.

Whatever the change is, we’ll keep our thoughts to ourselves until we see it! Instead, we’ll be spending our time going over Coleman’s tease about Clara not only meeting the Doctor three times before, so excuse us while we whip up some crack theories! If you’d like to listen in to these theories along with episode by episode analysis, have a listen to Hypable’s Doctor Who podcast, WhoHype!

What do you think Moffat means by ‘change the course of ‘Who’ forever’?

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