2:08 pm EST, March 7, 2019

Disney+ will include ‘entire Disney motion picture library’

My wish came true. During a shareholders meeting on Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Every Disney Thing will be available within their forthcoming streaming app.

The news is significant and is sure to be a huge draw for those who are on the fence about subscribing to another streaming platform. Instant access to every Disney movie ever, whenever I want, accessible from my couch, for one low monthly price? Yes, please.

Iger specifically said that Disney+ will include the “entire Disney motion picture library” at “some point fairly soon after launch.”

And those in the Disney Vault? Yep, Iger suggested they’ll be on Disney+ too. “So the movies that … traditionally have been kept in a vault and brought out basically every few years will be on the service,” he said.

The Lion King, Snow White, Moana, Mulan, Pinocchio, Hercules, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Lilo & Stitch, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story, etc etc etc. All on Disney+! 😍

While he did not specifically say that the entire Disney TV catalogue will be a part of Disney+, using the phrase “motion picture library” certainly suggests they’ll be there. The rumor mill has indicated that Disney TV titles, such as what you see on The Disney Channel, will be a part of the catalogue.

In addition to all the Disney titles you know and love, Disney+ is working on several exclusive original series from their various studios. For example, Marvel is working on a Loki limited series and Lucasfilm is working on at least two live-action Star Wars series. Disney’s even developing a Disney Villains show.

Disney+’s price and launch date are still unknown, but we do know it’ll be out towards the end of 2019. Iger has previously said that they’re aiming for it to be cheaper than Netflix.

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Can I just pay for it now? I’m ready.

Disney+ is in development as studios get increasingly competitive in the streaming space. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, CBS, DC, and others are all vying for your streaming dollars. And unsurprisingly, lots of big franchises are being snapped up to woo you with enticing exclusives.

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