9:00 am EDT, May 18, 2018

The CW will not rescue ‘Lucifer’

CW chief Mark Pedowitz dealt a crushing blow to Lucifer fans hoping to save the series, confirming that the CW had no intention of picking up the show.

The latest round of television show cancellations has been a rough one. Several well-loved series were given the ax by their networks, and fans have been furiously campaigning to save their favorite shows. One well-loved show, Lucifer, was canceled by Fox, and fans have been campaigning for other networks to claim the series.

The CW seemed like a pretty natural fit to fans. The network already has its fair share of supernatural-themed series, but even better, Lucifer is based on a Vertigo comic book written by Neil Gaiman. With the CW’s heavy lineup of DC comic book characters (including Supergirl, which was another DC show canceled by another network), it seemed Mr. Morningstar and his friends would be right at home at the CW.

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According to Deadline, at a CW upfronts press call, when asked if the CW was considering saving Lucifer from the depths of cancellation, Mark Pedowitz said, “We have not had conversations, there have been no discussions. We have been focused on own development, we are happy with what we have.”

While it’s frustrating that the show hasn’t been rescued as quickly as Brooklyn 99 (another Fox-canceled show), the CW passing doesn’t mean that the fight to save Lucifer has ended. Deadline reports that WBTV is still looking for a potential new home for the show, so there is still a chance that everyone’s favorite fallen angel could find a new life on another network.

And with such vociferous fan support, we can all still hope another network decides to make a deal with Lucifer Morningstar. Don’t lose hope yet, Lucifer fans!

Source: Deadline

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