2:00 pm EDT, June 15, 2018

#SaveLucifer campaign is a success: Netflix orders season 4!

Lucifer was one of several casualties as Fox gutted its scripted shows, but #LuciFans got what they wanted!

Update (June 15): LUCIFER SAVED! A fourth season has been ordered at Netflix after the streamer struck a deal with Warner Brothers television. It will consist of 10 episodes.

There aren’t any additional details available at this time, but the order has been reported by TV Line, The Hollywood Reporter, and others. We’ll share more information as soon as we have it!

Original story (May 13): In the immediate aftermath of the news that Fox had decided to cancel Lucifer, there was uproar across social media.

Riding the wave of outrage churned up by the similarly shocking cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has since been picked up by NBC, the hashtag #SaveLucifer quickly started trending worldwide.

By the following day, it had amassed over one million tweets to the hashtag and continued to pick up speed as fans learned the fate of their beloved show.

The cast and crew of Lucifer we understandably devastated by the news, with showrunner Joe Henderson revealing that a cancelation had been so unexpected, that the finale would include the show’s biggest cliffhanger to date.

Henderson, of course, apologized for the frustration that fans are certain to face when the finale airs on Monday, May 14, due to the aforementioned cliffhanger.

But #LuciFans are nothing if not resilient and continued through the weekend to raise hell and petition for another network to consider renewing the show for a fourth season.

The two major hashtags that fans continued to rally around through Sunday were #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer, with movements planned to get both trending worldwide in a bid to keep Lucifer in mind for a potential pick up.

Several celebrity supporters — including the other Lucifer, over on Supernatural — threw their weight behind the campaign.

Fans the world over have kept the conversation about Lucifer front and center, a testament to their dedication to the show, which has not gone unnoticed by the cast — who continue to interact with fans, in the way they always have with their fandom.

There has been no indication by the showrunners as of yet whether Lucifer is being shopped to other networks. However, with DC’s upcoming streaming platform on the horizon, it could serve as the perfect home to the devilishly good series.

Lucifer’s story isn’t over yet. We just hope that another network — or streaming platform — recognizes that and gives the show a second life elsewhere. (And, really, how else are we going to get our DeckerStar fix? We’re not ready to let go yet!)

Season 3 of Lucifer ended in mid-May 2018.

Make sure you tune in and show Fox (and other potential networks) the true power of #LuciFans.

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