Reports are circulating in tabloids that Claire Danes could leave Homeland at the end of season three after recently becoming a mother.

Claire Danes could be wanting to leave Homeland after recently becoming a new mother with her son Cyrus, and she is “secretly planning to leave Homeland” according to the National Enquirer.

“Claire has finally discovered the one thing she loves more than acting — being a mom,” is the quote coming from an insider that all Homeland fans are talking about. The “source” goes on to explain that before Cyrus was born, Danes would never have thought about giving up the role of Carrie Mathison as she thought she’d be able to balance her working life with her family life. This appears not to be the case.

“But now she doesn’t want to leave her son” the source continues. But, Homeland fans should not worry. The Enquirer leads with the news that Danes will not be quitting quite so soon, with a report that the writers doubled her salary per episode in the wake of the potential move Danes had almost taken. Rumours are circulating that despite her pay rise, Danes is having regrets about signing on for the third season of Homeland.

Considering this is from a tabloid, chances are this source may not even be legitimate.

But what if it were true? This opens up many more possibilities into how Carrie Mathison could turn out. Carrie, who has had a turbulent relationship with both Brody and the CIA could really become the leading storyline in the upcoming season. Could Carrie and Brody be against the American people? Could the CIA try to take out Brody and Carrie? We’ll have to wait and see.

Homeland returns in the final week of September on Showtime.

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