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Cormoran Strike Book 5 release date: Everything we know

J.K. Rowling’s (a.k.a. Robert Galbraith’s) crime series is still going strong and shows no signs of ending. So when can we expect the new Cormoran Strike Book 5 to be released?

The fourth book in the series, Lethal White, was published in September 2018. As usual, Rowling’s work received high praise from critics and casual readers alike. It has a 4.5-star average on Amazon.

Now all eyes are on info surrounding Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike Book 5, and yes, it is absolutely happening.

Cormoran Strike Book 5 release date

Rowling has said on several occasions that she’ll be writing new books within the world of Cormoran and Robin for years and years. Before the release of the third book, Career of Evil, she said that there will be more than seven books. That means that at this point there are at least five more Cormoran Strike books coming.

So it’s not a matter of if, but when Cormoran Strike Book 5 will be released. While no information has been announced, we do know that Rowling has a couple of other projects to juggle in the next couple of years, potentially delaying the release of a new Robert Galbraith book.

In May 2018 she confirmed that after writing Fantastic Beasts 3 she’d be writing another children’s book. “I’ve been playing with the (non-Harry Potter/wizarding world) story for about six years, so it’s about time I get it down on paper,” she said.

We know that Rowling finished writing Fantastic Beasts 3 at the end of 2018, so presumably she’s getting started on that long-gestating children’s book.

After the children’s book she will probably have to begin writing Fantastic Beasts 4. The Harry Potter spinoff series is a five-parter, and Rowling’s been writing each of them. It’s possible that Rowling will juggle writing Fantastic Beasts 4 and Cormoran Strike Book 5 simultaneously. After all, it might be nice to switch back and forth between writing a novel and a screenplay — especially for someone who primarily writes good ol’ fashioned books!

Rowling has been known to keep fans up-to-date on her progress on each Cormoran Strike book via her Twitter account and website. She hasn’t said anything explicitly about Book 5 just yet, but there was this tweet in November 2018 in which she hinted that she may’ve started writing it already:

It’s hard to imagine why she’d be writing about Robin’s birthday unless it was for the next book.

As she says more about Book 5 on Twitter and her website we will bring it to you!

The Cormoran Strike release dates so far

Cormoran Strike Book 5 release date

The first few Cormoran Strike books were released a year apart from one another, which was great for readers who kept craving more. The Cuckoo’s Calling was released in 2013, The Silkworm arrived in 2014, and Career of Evil was published in 2015. Then we had to wait three years for the release of the latest book, Lethal White.

What these dates tell us is that Rowling is no longer hell-bent on getting one book out per year, and clearly she has other projects taking up a lot of her time. I would say that Cormoran Strike Book 5 will be released in 2021 at the earliest.

As for what’s coming from Rowling in 2019, there’s nothing as far as new novels. That said, Harry Potter fans are looking forward to the release of the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition at the end of this year. In addition, Universal Orlando is expected to open a new Harry Potter-themed ride at its Wizarding World: Hogsmeade land.

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