4:15 pm EDT, June 12, 2018

Still no word from NBC, but Clockblockers are doing everything they can to renew ‘Timeless’

If NBC was waiting for Timeless fans aka Clockblockers to quiet down before announcing their decision on whether or not they’ll renew Timeless, it seems they’re looking at a long wait. Clockblockers are still fighting every day to save their favorite show.

The Timeless season 2 finale aired May 13 and, while NBC Upfronts saw announcements of most of the network’s renewals, cancellations, and pickups, there was no news on Timeless.

There’s still no news on Timeless.

As the saying goes, no news is good news. But is it good news in this case?

Well. The show hasn’t been canceled yet. That’s a good sign. If NBC really wanted to cancel Timeless, they would have done it by now. They would have done it weeks ago. So the fact that the show is still in limbo actually offers some hope.

Everyone from Eric Kripke to the Timeless writers’ room to the cast is communicating with the fans as best as they can and all of them have stayed upbeat and positive. Whatever’s happening behind the scenes, no one’s letting the uncertainty or long wait rattle them. Instead, they’ve turned the whole thing into a month-long celebration of Clockblockers all over the world as they encourage fans and fans encourage them.

To keep Timeless fans fired up, the Timeless writers started sharing deleted scenes once a tweet met a certain number of retweets. The responses were so positive that they ended up sharing one (sometimes two) scenes a day. They actually ran out!

But they didn’t stop, they just changed up the rewards. Nowadays, if you head to Twitter, you’ll see them posting pages from key scenes in the script which include the stage direction and have offered fans more insight into what’s going on with the characters.

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Not to be outdone, Malcolm Barrett who plays Rufus has been posting behind the scenes footage of everything from fights to cast shenanigans. It’s been kind of awesome.

The rest of the cast is onboard, too. You never know what they’ll share, but you always know they’re having a great time and you can see how much they personally love both the fans and the show itself.

For their part, fans are out there every day talking about the show and sharing what Timeless means to them. My personal favorite has to be a new wave of young people getting a weekly history lesson.

Will that old “No news is good news” adage prove to be right in the case of Timeless? If Clockblockers have anything to say about it, it will be and, as a diehard Timeless fan, I sure hope we’re right.

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