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Seventeen reasons why Captain America is the master of sass

He really knows how to shut down the haters…

Son, just don't.
Via just-laugh-it-0ff.tumblr.com

…And always finds golden opportunities for sass.

Barbershop quartet
Via captainamerica-in-middle-earth.tumblr.com

Heck, he can even go AWOL and still come up with a pretty sassy excuse.

Knocked out Hitler
Via tumblr.com

However, Captain America will not tolerate being sassed.

Captain America and Iron Man
Via thorki-hiddlesworth.tumblr.com

He keeps his orders short, succinct, and sassy.

Hulk smash
Via copperbadge.tumblr.com

Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to say anything and his sass still comes through…

Via gemini-dragon-gifs.tumblr.com

…If not through his facial expressions, then through body language.

Via dreamsleepfangirl.tumblr.com

Basically, Captain America does whatever the hell he wants, when he wants.

Via wingsstarsandatardis.tumblr.com

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So there you have it. Those were all of our favorite sassy Captain America moments (although after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier we wish we could just throw that movie as a whole on this list). We hope our visual guide helped you learn the art of the sass so that you can apply it in your own life.

No need to thank us. Keep the change.

Steve Rogers tipping Nick Fury
Via ohyeahchrisevansgifs.tumblr.com

What has been your favorite sassy Captain America line or moment so far?

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