12:15 pm EST, February 9, 2017

‘The Burning World’ book trailer premiere: ‘Death was easy, life won’t be’

The hopeful yet ominous trailer for Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies sequel, The Burning World, will leave you wanting to know what happens next. We’re excited to be able to premiere it here on Hypable.com!

Taking place soon after the events of Warm Bodies, The Burning World answers the question “What now?” Check it out below.

The trailer, co-directed by Isaac Marion and Micah Knapp, offers up the idea that death was only the beginning and that life is the true challenge. We see zombies stumbling around quickly and aimlessly, but it’s the three people dressed in suits that seem the most intimidating.

In addition to showing glimpses of the Dead and the Living, the trailer also features all of the characters we came to love in Warm Bodies (plus a few new figures) in a careful balance of shadow and light. The way the trailer plays with light demonstrates just how dark the book can get while still offering hope for the future.

One of the most interesting parts about the trailer is the fact that it has Isaac Marion’s touch all over it. Not only did the author co-cdirect the trailer, but he also wrote and sang the music included in the Burning World trailer. As some Warm Bodies fans may know, Isaac Marion has been in a few bands and put out a few albums in the past, but hasn’t been involved in music in a while. So it’s really great to see (and hear) him dabbling once more.

Very few book trailers have the production value that this one does for The Burning World but, then again, few books are as worthy as this one for such a trailer.

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'The Burning World' by Isaac Marion

About ‘The Burning World’ by Isaac Marion

Being alive is hard. Being human is harder. But since his recent recovery from death, R is making progress. He’s learning how to read, how to speak, maybe even how to love, and the city’s undead population is showing signs of life. R can almost imagine a future with Julie, this girl who restarted his heart—building a new world from the ashes of the old one.

And then helicopters appear on the horizon. Someone is coming to restore order. To silence all this noise. To return things to the way they were, the good old days of stability and control and the strong eating the weak. The plague is ancient and ambitious, and the Dead were never its only weapon.

How do you fight an enemy that’s in everyone? Can the world ever really change? With their home overrun by madmen, R, Julie, and their ragged group of refugees plunge into the otherworldly wastelands of America in search of answers. But there are some answers R doesn’t want to find. A past life, an old shadow, crawling up from the basement.

The Burning World, the sequel to Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, is available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local independent bookstore. Also, don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads “to read” list!

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