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Overanalyzing the final ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer

The final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was released today, and it was easily the most exciting one yet. We take a close look at some of the most interesting scenes from the new trailer.

With the final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer landing online, it looks like we’ll be seeing one hell of a fight between Batman and Superman. With so many exciting scenes, we decided to break the trailer down and analyze exactly what went down.

Superman doesn’t look afraid…yet

batman v superman final trailer 1

As Batman takes a turn in his batmobile, he slides into Superman, who doesn’t move an inch as we hear the batmobile crunch against Superman and slide to a stop. Batman is seen being surprised by Superman, or possibly that he’s just bounced off the alien he thinks is threatening Earth.

This early shot seems to show that Superman doesn’t fear Batman in the least (at first), as he rips the doors off of the batmobile. Despite Batman standing up to Superman,without his mechanical armor, it doesn’t seem like Superman realizes what lengths Batman will go to defend Earth from what he sees as a threat.

Batman gets his armor on, but will it have kryptonite in it?

batman v superman final trailer 2

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Batman’s battle armor, which looks like a bulky Iron Man suit, but it looks like he’ll build it (or have it built) at some point once he realizes he needs to fight Superman.

This armor has been featured in literally every promotional video and image we’ve seen, and yet we don’t know anything about it, but we do find out just how powerful it is a bit later in this final trailer.

Clark and Lois Lane have a serious relationship

batman v superman final trailer 3

At the very end of Man of Steel we saw Lois Lane introduce Clark Kent to “the planet,” and it was unclear if the story would continue with her willing to continue a relationship with Superman. But, in the new trailer we see Clark jumping into a bathtub with Lois, which clearly shows they’re continuing their relationship.

Will Lois become a liability for Superman? As we’ve seen in the past with Batman, the people around him often suffer the most, and we’re curious if Lois will become a target. There are scenes with Lois and Lex Luthor, so it seems likely that Superman will have to save her at some point.

Superman catches a big bullet (or whatever Batman shoots)

batman v superman final trailer 4

In this scene we see Batman firing a large round at Superman, and in an epic slow-mo shot we see Superman grabbing the bullet as it heads towards his face. It’s unclear if this is a lethal gun, or something Batman is using to weaken Superman so that he can fight him, but it’s still unclear if Batman will be willing to kill.

The shot takes place on the roof, where we’ve seen the two battling before in previous trailers, so it’ll be interesting to see how this scene unfolds. It is pretty amazing to see Superman catching a bullet shot at him from Batman though, as it seems these two are really going to go at it in the movie.

Batman has all kinds of tricks, including spiked boots

batman v superman final trailer 5

Batman’s suit seems to have loads of surprises in it, and it’s interesting that this shot takes such care in showing the spikes on the bottom of his boots.

Could this just be a practical element needed for him to scale buildings? We’ve seen him hanging off the side of a building before, so it might just be an accident that the spikes are focused on in the shot. It’ll be great to see what kind of damage Batman can actually do to Superman.

Is that general Zod’s family symbol carved in the ground?

batman v superman final trailer 6

Update: We’ve found out the symbol carved in the ground in this scene is the Darkseid Omega symbol, which suggests the incredibly powerful supervillain Darkseid may appear in Batman v Superman, or possibly in the following Justice League film.

In this shot we see Batman standing over what appears to be the city in shambles, and more importantly a symbol is shown carved into the Earth. It’s hard to tell, but it may be Zod’s family symbol in the ground, but his looks more like a horseshoe than what’s seen in the image above.

We’ve seen Batman in this location before in previous trailers, and it seems like a desert of sorts, where Batman has to fight off soldiers which we thought were Superman’s. But, it’s possible that it’s a dream sequence, as has been reported in some fan theories.

Superman looks surprised by Batman’s power

batman v superman final trailer 7

In the final scene from Batman v Superman’s final trailer, we see Superman look incredibly surprised as he swings and Batman stops his punch with his arm. Sure, Batman is wearing his tank armor, but what exactly could it be made out of for Superman to not even make a dent?

Will Batman’s suit include kryptonite in some way? Or will Superman be weakened at some point, which allows Batman to have a fighting chance when he goes up against the Man of Steel. We’re not sure, but this scene feels epic.

Let us know what your favorite scene from ‘Batman v Superman’s’ final trailer was below!

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