6:15 pm EDT, March 19, 2015

The 15 best moments from ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ new extended TV spot

Black Widow has lightsabers, Tony Stark is still awesome, and Captain America lends his shield to Thor.

Ready, set, jump

While we’ve seen this shot before, it’s worth looking at again. This was seen at the end of the third Age of Ultron trailer, but this seems to be a higher quality version of the scene, so maybe more CGI has been completed by now. Seeing all of the Avengers jump into action in one scene is going to be epic in every way possible.

age of ultron screenshot hd 9b

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The gold and red is back

Not only do we get a great shot of Iron Man’s new suit, we see him flying up in the sky, and suddenly stopping — what could be in front of him behind camera? His suit looks incredible, and we’re so happy to see the gold and red back. It’s always looked the best, and he’s going to be a king of kings in the sequel.

age of ultron screenshot hd 9c

‘It just slipped’

Captain America continues to be a total badass in this TV spot, as he drives his motorcycle in the woods, feeling a bit like The First Avenger, and then he FLIPS the entire bike into a group of enemies in a jeep, crushing the jeep and stopping it in its tracks. As he stands up, he says, “It just slipped.” There may be more great one-liners than we’ve ever seen before when this movie hits theaters.

Black Widow seduces the Hulk

In the next big scene we see Black Widow saying, “Hey, big guy,” as the Hulk turns around and sees her. She definitely seems to have a controlling effect over Banner in beastmode somehow. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship is developed in the sequel, as there were hints of it in the first film, and the second trailer showed him touching her face gently.

age of ultron screenshot hd 9e

age of ultron screenshot hd 9f

age of ultron screenshot hd 9g

Thor smashes Cap’s shield into a crowd

In possibly one of the coolest scenes in the TV spot, Cap’s shield is on the ground (again) and Thor, thinking on the fly, lets Cap kick his shield up in the air and then Thor smashes his hammer into the shield, shooting it at lightning speed into a ton of Ultron’s minions. It slices through the first one like hot butter, and hits at least half a dozen more as it flies through the air. Epic scene.

age of ultron screenshot hd 9h

age of ultron screenshot hd 9i

age of ultron screenshot hd 9k

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