6:15 pm EDT, March 19, 2015

The 15 best moments from ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ new extended TV spot

Black Widow has lightsabers, Tony Stark is still awesome, and Captain America lends his shield to Thor.

Marvel released a new TV spot for Avengers: Age of Ultron and it included some of the best scenes revealed yet, so we’ve analyzed some of the most exciting scenes from the new footage.

The third trailer for Age of Ultron had been seen as one of the most action-packed trailers they’d ever released, but this new TV spot may take the cake. Marvel’s doing a great job promoting The Avengers’ sequel, and we look forward to what’s to come. Check out some of the best moments, and what they might mean, below:

The Avengers’ tower

We get a great look at the Avengers’ tower, which looks beautiful, and a lot nicer than “that big ugly…building in New York” that was Stark Tower back in the first film. We also get a look at a quinjet, as it flies from the Avengers’ tower to possibly a larger ship they may use as a world base.

age of ultron screenshot hd 7

age of ultron screenshot hd 1

age of ultron screenshot hd 2

Who’s the boss?

Then we see Maria Hill come in, and tell Tony that they’re, “all set up, boss.” Tony quickly reminds her that he’s not the boss, Captain America is. He hilariously says, “I just pay for everything, design everything, and make everyone look a lot cooler.”

Hawkeye or Wolverine

Hawkeye is seen opening up a door to his gear, which is a pretty cool shot. We see him grab some interesting tips for his arrows, and then some Wolverine-like claws shoot out of something. Is it his hand? Possibly, but we can’t quite tell. It could be a handheld weapon for him to use when he’s in close combat situations, where his bow wouldn’t be as effective.

age of ultron screenshot hd 5

age of ultron screenshot hd 6

‘Show ’em what we got.’

Then we see the man, back from the dead, saying, “Show ’em what we got.” This is such a great moment for Nick Fury. We’re glad he didn’t kick the bucket in The Winter Soldier, and we look forward to more great lines like this when Age of Ultron hits theaters.

age of ultron screenshot hd 8

Yeah, bitch. Magnets!

Next up we have Captain America using some of that tech and cool gear that Tony has created for the Avengers. With his shield on the ground, he uses some sort of electromagnets attached to his arm/suit and the shield shoots up and attaches back to his arm. This is too cool, and we can’t wait to see how this is used in the film. Think of all the possibilities. It’s like Thor’s hammer for Cap’s shield.

On the next page we see Iron Man’s new suit, and Captain America tossing his motorcycle at people

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