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Quotable ‘Arrow’: The best Felicity Smoak-isms

Arrow‘s first two seasons have taken a gritty look at the rise of the Emerald Archer. One of the bright spots in the darkness, though, has been a quippy IT girl; in her honor, we’ve picked our top ten Felicity Smoak-isms.

Felicity was introduced in the third episode of Arrow, initially intended to be a one-off character, but Emily Bett Rickards won over the hearts of the cast, writers, and fans alike, leading her screen time to steadily increase until she was promoted to series regular in season 2.

And, after spending the season struggling to find her place among the trained fighters of Team Arrow, Felicity came full circle from Oliver Queen’s personal researcher and truly became a hero in her own right by injecting Slade with the Mirakuru cure when no one else could get close enough.

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Felicity brings levity to what could become an overwhelmingly dark series. Below, we look at our top ten Felicity lines, listed chronologically.

‘I should add ‘personal Internet researcher for Oliver Queen’ to my job title.’

Source: Tumblr

Felicity isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, even to the son of her employer’s founder, making for an amusing dynamic.

‘I hate mysteries. They bug me. They need to be solved.’

Source: Tumblr

We only got glimpses of Felicity at first, as she wasn’t originally intended to be a large part of the series. However, this line was an early indicator of the type of person Felicity is and why she was destined to become a part of Team Arrow.

‘I may be blonde, but I’m not that blonde.’

Source: Tumblr

Psst, she also dyes it. But Oliver is sworn to secrecy; she keeps his secrets, after all.

‘It feels really good having you inside me. And by ‘you.’ I mean your voice. And by ‘me,’ I mean my ear.’

Source: Tumblr

Perhaps one of Felicity’s most endearing qualities is her frequent foot-in-mouth disease, as she regularly makes accidentally sexual comments without meaning to. Once she’s realized what she’s said, her reactions are priceless and bring some much needed humor to otherwise intense situations.

‘I’ve always wanted to say I’ve taken a bullet for someone and now I can.’

Source: Tumblr

With Sara joining Team Arrow, Felicity found herself struggling to find her place among a group of well-trained crime fighters. It’s clear that taking a bullet to protect Sara makes Felicity feel like a useful part of Team Arrow, giving this seemingly amusing scene a bittersweet undercurrent.

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